Male Latex Wear: Shorts, Briefs or Jock Straps?

Hey Everyone,

I've had a small fascination with latex clothing for awhile now and am thinking of taking the plunge and buying my first piece. As its going to be my first piece I want to start of with something relatively small like underwear but could do with a bit advice regarding style.

So for those of you who are fond of latex clothing; what style do you prefer seeing on your male partner and for those wearing which style do you find the most comfortable?

I am interested in this as well.

My wife bought a dress and they sent men's legging with sheath - they sent another dress and let her keep it but I don't think she was interested in it.

I loved it. I wanted to get it on and get it shined up.

She clearly didn't like it that much.

I prefer hoods and catsuits. I have quite a few of each and also a couple of tops and chaps. I'm not a fan of underwear because it's hard for me to get the right size.

I think that is probably a level further than just latex underpants.

I for one am not necessarily into complete bdsm but like to be ordered around and the idea of latex is all about the feel and sensation. Same with wetlook and pvc.

A full hood and body suit for me seems like a long way off. Maybe not though! Perhaps I get the first pair of latex underwear and then before you know it I have started my own sex dungeon in the garage!

Yeah, the hoods and catsuits would most certainly be a couple steps down the line to be honest.

I'd be fairly similar to you, wee_bear, in those regards. Although PVC and wetlook don't have the same draw for me. Hence why I am looking at a latex piece, just can't decide where to start.

You never know, you get the first piece and it could all snowball from there!

I just love a wee bit of something that isn't boxers from Calvin Klein.
Allure does some great ones.

But I want latex. Shiny and rubbery. And skin tight

I'm in a similar position looking to experiment a little with some latex pieces. My sexy underwear of choice is usually jockstraps, but I'm on the look out for some good latex reccomendations :)