male skirt sizes? HELP!!!

hey guys sorry i havent been on in a while ive been having problems with my broadband i will be posting a review for the Clone A Willy Kit soon but first i need help.

i am a man and have no experience with girls sizes for clothes its a whole other unit of mesurement to me, im looking to buy my first skirt but dont know what girls waist size i am

i am a 30-32 waist what size would i be is that a 10 in girls sizes?

A 30-32" is more of a 12-14 in standard sizing(in my charts anyway but I tend to opt for full fitting when creating or altering garments) however saying that a 10-12 may be better suited. Ladies clothing is designed with the female form in mind so usually larger round the hips and bum. So if you were to get the larger size it would be very roomy round those areas, the smaller size would be more snug depending on the fabric the skirt is made from and the look you want to achieve.

its just a basic denim skater skirt so its quite loose note like a pencil skirt or anything fiting

It depends where you're buying it from. Ladies sizes vary depending on the store!

Hi there, as NatandTom said, ladies sizes do vary, but I have just had a look on the net and found this general guide that may be useful (hope it's ok to post this link guys) :) x

Sorry, I just realised this was a USA site - I will try to find a UK one x

ah okay thanks Scorpius12! x, i am gunna have a poke around new look and next, see what i can find ill try a couple on see what sizes fit best

Im thinking you could be a 12 :) best thing to do first to get your head around which size you are roughly will to take a couple sizes and return the ones that are no good :) xx