Male toys just too tight!

I have tried a few different strokers in the past and they all have the same problem. They are just too tight on entry!

Not every guy enjoys the super tight feeling. I find it pretty uncomfortable and off putting.

Where can I find a stroker that isn't as tight as a dormouse' backside?


Have you tried a fleshlight?

Unfortunately, flesh lights are a little out of my price range.

Being of a larger girth i have found many strokers to be doenright painful either because they are too tight or the material isnt stretchy enough. Fleshlights are always fine but they are expensive.

This one is cheaper and has worked well for me.

My boyfriend has the same issues, he doesn't like too tight sensations and he's on the girthy side of life so he struggles a little with strokers, but he found this and this wide enough to accomodate his measures and feel good at the same time. And they don't cost an eye and an arm

Thanks. I will give this one a test run and see how it is, even though it looks down right garish looking! Haha

I may give these consideration. Although, I'm not a huge fan of ribbed and funny textures. I prefere the silky smooth sensation.

Maybe Tenga eggs would work, they're very flexible and there are a lot of differente patterns to choose from.

Are tenga eggs re-usable?

GeekyEleanor wrote:

Maybe Tenga eggs would work, they're very flexible and there are a lot of differente patterns to choose from.

They are good and super stretchy, I just found they only lasted 1 or 2 times so they would get expensive. Other people get more uses from them though.

Its a bit hit and miss buying a stroker really.

Perhaps an affordable stroker for girthy guys is something lovehoney should look into.

I did suggest some testing and rating somehow from larger gents once but dont think the idea went down well.

Eleanor showed how tricky it can be by suggesting those lovehoney strokers, I found them to be far too rigid and super uncomfortable to use but her OH obviously finds them fine so its not simple at all!

Well I shall try the one you suggested and hope that some day there will be more accommodating strokers!

My oh is rather large and I got him one of the mouths and he said that wasn't bad we've had rings etc which have been too tight in the past x

i use my fleshlight daily my penis is not very thick but i find it grips me very tight leading to a good orgasm

Theres one I reviewed recently. A doc Johnson one. It's got a wider end as well, my husband preferred that one as the other end was too tight and he said didn't feel great. Itbcan even be turned inside out to Clean as it's so stretchy so would definitely accommodate someone on the larger side too

yes i higly reccomend a fleshlight they tend to have more give then traditional masturbators.

I'd save up and invest in a fleshlight. By the time you've bought various cheaper ones that just aren't right, you could've purchased a fleshlight.

If a fleshlight doesn't work for you, you can send it back, so money not wasted.

I am on the girthier side of things and I have found almost all of the tenga range to be great. They are tight, but stretchier than most other stroker materials, so you still get the feeling that you are filling a space, but without the painful part of tightness

I have had the same problem aswell as thinking fleshlights were abit pricey but after taking the plunge and buying one i can say they are well worth the price :)

Great for easy entry and you can get loads of different textures for stimulation.
Sometimes its worth paying a little extra for quality