Male wearing knickers

So last night I admitted to my wife I had been wearing her knickers, she was freaked out now she thinks it’s just weird, this is only a new thing for me, it’s like a switch has been turned on.

looks like after 13 years together 10 married that we are going to go our separate ways not sure if the stress of us splitting up is behind the sudden desire to wear knickers or there is another under lying factor.

Finishmeoff i'm sorry to hear this, Have you explained the reasons why you like wearing her knickers, she might find it weird at first untill you have explained and then it might take some time for it to sink in with her and be ok with her.

I had a girlfriend a long time ago knew i liked her underwear etc.. and was fine with me smelling wearing items but when she saw me wear her clubbing outfit she just got mad, didn't give me time to explain, if she had she would of known why I liked it and it was all about me liking her and her scent.

Finishmeoff, so sorry to hear that, I really hope you can work things out.

thank you all for your support . Alicia4ever you are probably right if we do indeed split up and I do find someone else I will just have to be upfront earlier and hope they can accept that is just a part of me

If she loved you then wearing knickers would not be a good reason to split, cheating or being violent then yes but just because you find it horny or sexy to wear knickers is not a valid reason, a lot of people find sexy underware attractive to wear, why should only women get to wear sexy underware? She needs to live in the real world and realise that the grass may not be any greener if she finds a new partner, her next partner could get upto much worse things than you wearing knickers.

Crikey that's a bit dramatic. There's probably more to it than just wearing her underwear. This was just the catalyst. It's a cliché but true, talk to her why you like it. My wife found out about my cross dressing in an embarrassing way, and I had no option but to just admit I cross dress. Lucky for me after the initial shock she accepted it for two years. Recently I met a local trans person for tea and chat, she helped me take my first steps outside in the town. I got home, next day my wife didn't ask about it and now can't accept what I do. Among other family issues I too am at a crucial point. Good luck.

Sounds a bit OTT reaction. Sit down and talk with her, 13 years is a long time to give up on a marriage over what is really something quite trivial. Explain to her why you like doing it, we all have fetishes, its not like your playing away or anything.

Communication is the key to a happy relationship, talk to her