man thong

How many other men wear a thong as there daily?
I have worn men's thongs daily for about 2 years now. Find them much better supportive than boxer and a lot sexier than underpants. Mrs loves to see me in them to do that's also a bonus!

Can't say we have ever tried one, but that doesn't mean I never would. Do you buy man thongs or women's too? I can't imagine women's ones ever holding a man's package x

There’s a thread here on men’s thongs you might find interesting. There are probably more thong wearers out there than you’d think!

No I buy men's thongs have worn women's but bits fall out

My boyfriend wears them often, not daily but I think 3 or 4 times a week, He also wears shorts and briefs so a mix of undies. The thongs he wears are specifically mens and he seems quite comfortable in them. I like his thongs but wouldn't want him to be wearing womens styles.

My husband only owns thongs, so on any given day, he'll be wearing a thong or commando.

Glad it's not just me then. Our next door neighbour said she finds it odd men wearing thongs n she finds it a real turn off. Do most women think this

Can't imagine the OH in a thong. I like him in a nice pair of tight boxers or briefs. He's quite large so would think a thong would struggle with his package and would be uncomfortable for him x

In warmer weather, due to working in cold enviroment I am mostly in longjohns at the moment lol

I wear one most days now and love the feel of a good male thong. I find them much more supportive than boxers. My OH got me my first one (a joke one) but I was amazed how comfy it was and quickly converted from boxers. She took a while to get used to them but now loves me in them. Boxers now feel like they have far too much fabric and are way too restrictive, especially when it's hot! Women's thongs don't have the support and arent as comfortable when I've tried my OH's, but that's just me. Wear what makes you happy in my opinion!

This is probably my favourite one that I have a few of from LH -

I love the designer ones too but they can be quite expensive for the amount of fabric you get!

Nice to have a selection of different things in the underwear drawer other than standard boxers (yawn.)

I have been wearing thongs daily since I was a teenager, I have a huge collection of mens thongs and also womens thongs.

I find if you buy the correct size and they have enough to cover the front bits shouldn't fall out at all. Womens thongs tend to be slightly sexier I think anyways

Worn thongs for years and OH likes me in them too.As has been mentioned they are very comfortable and make me feel sexy.

I recently bought the LH male lace thong and was really impressed by how comfy it was. Well, the material being lace is maybe not the most comfy, but the fit and the thong back felt really good. I'm now looking into buying some cotton thongs for daily wear.

I have worn one before..... I have an elephant posing one, with the trunk section, which the OH loved to see and always raised a giggle..........

I'm a daily thong fan!

cant go with the other styles.

Go go thong

Wore a thong yesterday whilst out with friends in the afternoon (male) they saw an attractive lady in white trousers with a white thong on underneath and were enjoying it. I enjoyed them laughing at that and thinking they didn't know what I was wearing under my jeans and feeling good and cool 😀

From what I see my boyfriend is wearing thongs as his daily undies since this year. I got him some for Christmas as he said he liked some of them but I think he probably wore them before we got together at some point. He started to post on here so I'll ask him to post the details.