Mantric prostate massager

Hi everyone. I’m a newbie on here and recently came across the above mantric prostate massager. I’ve never done anything like this before. But I tried it for the first time yesterday and I have been freaked out ever so nice. Maybe it’s because I’ve never done it before or because it’s my bum or even maybe because I’m straight. I maybe feel guilty.

I am really freaking myself out about the safety of doing this. Could this actually perforate your bowel or am I being completely over the top and riddeled with anxiety. The mind is a funny thing. I suppose at only 4 inches long this would not even reach your bowel? I think.

I’m probably being really silly.

Any advice is greatly appreciated from all you people with way more experience than me.

Many thanks.

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As someone who doesn’t perform anal on myself, but who has given plenty and watched even more anal porn… you’ll be fine. (Have you seen the sizes some people can take?!)
Plus, thinking pragmatically, no company would make an adult toy like that if it wasn’t safe.

Very brief reply and 100% understandable concern.

Don’t panic.
Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with.
Use enough lube to drown a horse.
You’ll be fine.

Closest analogy I’ve got is crossing a road.
You could get knocked over and killed.
However, in reality it’s highly unlikely and if you use your judgment, wisdom and listen to your body……well you know the rest.

Enjoy your first adventures in anal pleasure

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He pal.

Its natural the guilt and that. I love this sort of stuff. Happily married with my wife. Very straight but there is a g spot/ p spot in there. So it is more natural than you think and the taboo is a bit of the thing in the past.

The massager is lush. You wont do any damage with that. If you have much bigger stuff or sharp stuff or rush it and you are not relaxed then you probs will do some damage.

In conclusion you are fine with what you doing. Own who you are if you like it you like it. I got pegged by my wife the first time a few weeks ago. It was a risk and i was nervous she would hate it or worry about my sexuality. I had the best time. She felt empowered in that position and we wont look back. Curiosity is not a bad thing. Hiding what you like may lead to a very unfulfilled life.

Enjoy it mate you deserve it

Hi @Woodnights and welcome to the forum.

Seeing the responses already given, you really have picked the best forum to ask your questions.
I hope you are able to listen to the advice and enjoy your new found pleasure, maybe even build on it :+1:

You’ll be ok, plenty of lube and just enjoy the sensations. The risks of damage are very low as the toy is specifically designed to accommodate for going up the bum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all your reply’s. Yes indeed I am probably worrying over nothing! It still scares me though. Maybe it’s just not for me. But in saying that I suppose the toy is especially designed for this purpose so I’m sure it is safe.

I’m talking from a woman’s prospective here but there is no reason that this toy will do you damage. I’ve had penis, butt plugs and anal beads up mine which are bigger then that lol
But I understand why you find it scary. It’s the unknown and it definitely doesn’t make you gay. There of plenty of straight men out there which enjoy anal play, a lot more that actually admit to it.

Start of slow and relaxed. Get yourself fully turned on by watching porn or using your imagination. Lube yourself and the toy up very well with a good water based lube. Then slowly insert. Any time you feel pain or discomft pull away, there shouldn’t be much pain with that size of toy anyways. Just take it easy and relax. Even if you can’t insert it the full way straight away just give it time. It might not be for you but you will never know unless you take the plunge. Good luck