Manual points?

Good evening, I was delighted today to find I'd been given a bonus 2000 points on my Lovehoney account. First of all, thank you so much for this! Secondly, how do people earn the manual points?

Hey in it together. Congratulations . These points were added to your account as you were the runner up in the review of the month

Ha ha! Awesome! Thanks Lovehoney! And thanks K&c30's for pointing it out!

More than welcome on my part of pointing it out. Great review by the way! It's not one I have tried yet, I have the Extra Silky lube but I may have to give it a go now.

Have to agree don't own this lube yet but fantastic review with great detail x

Yes, indeedy I added them for your win on ROTM, congrats!

I will close this thread down now as we have a thread running about ROTM and we have the blog post too :)