Master & Slave

Hi all

my oh want me to dominate him, but I'm not very creative and no imagination

so I need help on ideas so I can carry this out on him

Any suggestion would be great

That's an incredibly broad topic. You'd have to ask him what kind of things he's in to as far as domination goes first. It's not the kind of thing you want to surprise somebody with when you generally need limits and boundaries in a BDSM scene.

Hi lewisandkimberly, based on your post I assume you are beginner to the scene. Unfortunately I have nothing to suggest at the moment but I will encourage you to browse the internet for information. Think a good start is look at some (or the variations) SEX BONDAGE clips from the internet. I can't suggest where to look for it cos I can't access them from my country.

I would speak to your partner just to understand how he would like to be dominated, It’s a huge topic and starting from the base is best. Communication is always key to a successful master/sub relationship.

Search the forum topics for BDSM, bondage, submissive, sissies etc. Plenty of information here and on the lovehoney YouTube channels. Maybe also look for a beginners bondage set with a few accessories to tie him up and have fun. Hopefully you can get a few ideas and start a new adventure together. Also try switching once in a while to see who’s prefers the submissive role etc. Once you can get a bit more information we should be able to help quite easily, just need to know what type of
Domination he likes and what sort of role you want to play such as a doninatrix or a more role play friendly version like a head teacher etc.

Watch some videos and look for verified amateurs doing similar things to what your doing. Try to imagine a mindset where you will enjoy it and run with it, it’s role play and you can really get into it!

Dominance and peoples expectations of what that means differs. Firstly you would need to establish exactly how dominate he wants you to be. My other half enjoys me being dominant, but for us this doesn't mean bondage or BDSM - the word dominant and submissive doesn't even come into it. He simply prefers me taking the lead on occasion.

Have you tried taking the lead a bit more in the bedroom? Telling him what position you want him to be in, moving his hand to where you want him to stimulate you etc, you telling him what to do?

I shall ask him for more details on wat he wants, thanks