Masturbate on Toilet

Right I know this one might be a big no go but does anyone else go to the toilet and end up masturbateing.


A partner used to do this (and probably still does) when I was with them. I wouldn’t do it though since I find my bed the best place.


Its not a time that I get turned on, unless my partner has his hand in the way to catch some pee :rofl: even then I’m taking it to the bedroom.

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I used to do when I was younger.

No I don’t think that I have ever been that excited to go to the loo and think I need a quick tug ? Instead of a pee


Not quite the place I want to have a play. Not a place I find really exciting enough that I would want to do that.
But each to their own I guess

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Not a place for me … definitely the bedroom is more my location.


My wife masturbated in the toilets of a branch of The Slug and Lettuce a couple of weeks ago as part of her 70th birthday ‘growing old disgracefully’ celebrations. Made easier by the fact that she was wearing a Basque, stockings, no knickers and a dress with a split up the front.


@rockstar Sounds like the kind of 70th birthday we all need

I used to do it when i was younger and the bathroom was the only room in the house with a lock on the door.

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Only when i have family over.
If I’m using a dildo or butt plug then it’s on the bed or on the sofa.

On the toilet is easier to clean up though.

Think this is more common with men to do perhaps? I know quit a few friends who do this as they say it’s their time where they can go and not be disturbed and makes for easy clean up after


I can understand (if I squint hard enough) going to the bathroom and locking the door and having some time to yourself. But going for a wee and then having a wank, I don’t get that.

Though I do remember using a wand and feeling like I was going to squirt and I finished off on the toilet so that I didn’t make a mess of the bed as I’d no towels or waterproof sheet down.

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I never have a wank after actually going to the toilet; I’ve definitely locked myself in the bathroom and knocked one out when I was younger; but not so much now. But I get why people do; if there’s privacy problems etc. As long as you remember to clean-up afterwards!

Not on the toilet but in years gone by have masturbated and orgasmed into the toilet and sink. Quick and easy clean up

Never thought about doing it whilst on the toilet ….

… but once had a lovely oral time with a gorgeous ‘lady’ in a toilet cubicle! mmm

R xx

I think this is known as “Knocking one out and curling one out” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: