Men doing Cosplay

Are there any other guys on here who happily put on the full song & dance for their better half, just to get a reaction? My partner is female, & I plan on marrying her 1 day soon-ish. I have been brave enough to wear my “turnout” pants on rare occasions (fire-fighters’ pants), as well as some very tiny undies underneath, & so far, so good, but I need some new ideas!? Do any of the blokes on here go to those lengths, or any other role-play ideas??? All the ladies’ suggestions are also most welcome! If required for authenticity, I’ll take a pic of me in my fluoro pants with red suspenders, but hopefully there are some amongst us that trust?


@themostbeautifulmaninthecosmos are you happy for me to move this to a different category? #members-only is reserved for incredibly private/possibly triggering topics. :slight_smile:

Sure! Quite happy for you to move my post wherever you see fit.

I’m new to this whole scene, so apologies in advance! Should I put up a pic in my fireman’s pants (with red suspenders) as a profile or something? I’d prefer to play by the rules for starters… Also, I’m a bit shy & cautious about putting things on the interwebs for all to see…? I’m sure I’ll soon learn the rules, but I’d rather err on the side of caution? Happy to share, but not happy to share “lots” as a newbie?

You can find the photo rules here, they’ll let you know what is/isn’t okay to post! :slight_smile:

Maybe try doing the whole sexy business man suit thing or a gladiator :smiley:

I’m happy to don a latex catsuit or what ever floats her boat !! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Over the years I have done the fireman theme ( to be fair I was a Fireman ) , Police , Biker ( alway rider M/Cs ) . Later when I knew the wife was OK with it , a school girl , and for Halloween one year she assisted putting me in a clingy blue dress with falsies stockings and makeup , it was a rip . Only you and your partner can decide what would be acceptable . I still regret I did not get to come down under for three months to lease a motorcycle and ride as much of Australia as I could in 86’ . Have fun !