Men that shoot cum

If I was to guess mine would be between 5 and 6 feet

Damn!!! Yeah I think I was way off with my guess :rofl::rofl:

Again all depends on build up for me

When I lie down, I can shoot on my face!


It can be on his stomach or chest if he is laid down wanking.

Hubbys doesn’t go very far at all, if lying down I stays on his stomach, as did my last bf. My first bf though, used to shoot up to top of his chest/ shoulders

Sometimes my boyfriend will shoot, sometimes it just seems to run out of him into a puddle and sometimes hardly anything comes out. It just seems to be how horny he has been getting, how long the build up is and how long it has been since he last came. We usually see each other at weekend and he says he usually tries not to wank for a few days before this.

Do your kegels guys, men have a pelvic floor too!


Honestly not sure if a lot of people or many already know but the cum pornstars use in the shoot is actually just fake. In reality yes its possible cause a man can fire a heavy load depending on how much semen they kept stored in their testicles. cough No Nut November

@legohalo135 Yes that is true, they use a pump that makes it look like they are ejaculating over a distance.

Yes a Man can shoot cum naturally, it does vary dependent on abstinence, edging ect.

I think we all know what we see in porn isn’t real life kind of thing🙂 that’s why I only like amateur only porn.