men who wear knickers

I think that men need to wear underwear when they want

Of course feel free to wear what you feel comfortable and sexy in!

Silky thong Patrick wrote:

I think that men need to wear underwear when they want

I agree some of it can be very comfortable

Personally I love a guy in women's undies......a real turn on xx

I find it such a turn on, often wear womens underwear for days in my house under "normal" clothes, wish I had more. I've had no end of problems buying the right size on line, wish I had the nerve to go to charity shops but now I live in France and my french is not up to it. I've often wondered, is there a woman who would like to "adopt" me, help buy me things? I would refund all costs, alternatively if I arranged it on a visit back to family in the Uk is there a lady who would like to take me shopping?

I wear a thong

Yes Terri, it's a huge turn on. Way better than mens boxers. If we feel great in sexy undies, why should men be any different. So pleasing to the eye 😜

My wife lets me wear hers, very sexy, turned on all day especially wearing them at work

My wife once got me a nice girls black g with little red hearts on it after I said I liked it when we were in a shop, lost it when we moved.

Never woren them myself.. But who knows? (I wear thongs)

I dont think i'd go back to boxers now, (well not unless its for a hospital apptmt etc) lingerie is just so much nicer

Haha. Yeah I have to remember not to wear my thongs when I have to go out to the doctors lol

Can't see any problem with a guy wearing panties

Its not something that my current partner seems to have an interest in but I would fully embrace it if he ever did ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

Love to wear the oh's undies, better than a pair of boring boxers. If she can wear my football shirts and look hot I'm up for it all day long.

My wife loves me wearing her panties, its got to the stage now I even get asked when she buys new ones if I would wear them 👍

Um... Maybe I should get a pair and give it a try one day?

My wife likes me wearing nickers when she spanks and canes me. We bought two pairs from lovehoney, both with cutout bum. Red and black heart shape is her favourite, she says it gives her something to aim at. As a sub for our games it adds that little bit more to be wearing knickers especially when she pulls them down to paddle me.

I have and regularly wear thong, g-string, panities and boyshorts.

He doesn't wear knickers (womens) but my boyfriend will wear mens thongs quite often.