Men with lots of body hair...

My OH is pretty hair and while it doesn't bother me in the slightest it really annoys him! Recently he has been going on about me waxing his back for him... (he won't go to a salon either). Has anyone done it? Any tips?

My OH asked me to wax his back for him. He is lucky, he has fair hair so his body hair is pretty invisible but he gets darker hair in his back which just randomly sprouts. There's just the odd one so no gorilla back. I don't even notice but he does abs it really bugs him.

So so he asked I wax it. I did. It worked for a bit then grew back. We only used the strips that you rub together in your hands to warm up then pull them apart, slap them on and rip them back. Pretty rubbish really as I just think it snapped the hair of and didn't get the root. So next time the OH asked me I said I would eppilate his back! He reluctantly agreed. He says he is good with pain and he generally is but this was something else for him.

Hes not asked me again and has learnt to live with the sporadic hair that grows on his back.

I'm happy with my back hair and so is my partner , though have only recently realised that my lower back hair is 2 inchs long lol, she's happy and I'd rather not wax :)

My OH isn't hugely hairy but he mentioned waxing his back the other day. I'm trying to discourage the idea cos I love him just as he is and don't mind the hair.

Mind you, he had a freakishly looooooooooooooooong nipple hair that HAD to go yesterday, it just looked too weird!!!!

My OH dosen't like body hair - anywhere, on anyone !! He's a triathelete and shaves it all off from everywhere, this suits me fine, tbh I dont really like body hair much on anyone.

My wife uses hair removal cream for me, too much of a wuss for waxing. As I have got older my chest hair seems to grow longer and more wiry so tend to keep it in check with a number 2 on clippers. Usually to the armpits and pubic hair while I am at it.

I'm not a body hair fan at all, my dad has it, and i used a wax strip on him once on his top of the back after he called me a wuss after trying leg waxing. He ran around the room screaming in pain and even cried a bit, maybe thats because i was a novice, maybe because they were leg hair strips or because his hair was really long, i'm not sure, i just know he would never let me near him with one again!

I have no problem with his body hair!! It is him who doesn't like it (although I see why it would be annoying). He claims he can cope with the pain of maxing but I'm not so sure...

GingerClaire wrote:

I have no problem with his body hair!! It is him who doesn't like it (although I see why it would be annoying). He claims he can cope with the pain of maxing but I'm not so sure...

Tell him if he wants it done he should go to a professional, that way he won't bear a grudge against you when it hurts like hell!!!

I love body hair on men except the back :(.... hate it on myself though.... I guess I see body hair as alpha male masculine x

Luckily he won't hold a grudge Corset :) Might tell him to do it anyway!

I don't mind. I've always found body hair on a man sexy. My OH is really hairy, Chewbacca style. He waxed his back for a while but it caused him too much pain (not the waxing itself, but afterwards) so he stopped, but I help him keep everything trimmed.

Lol, go for it Ginger ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

My OH's nickname is my wookie because of how hairy he is, I love a hairy man!! Luckily he is happy in all of his hairy glory haha xx