Mens underwear

Hi all,

I'm looking at purchasing some men's underwear in the hope of feeling sexier and to look good for the wife any recommendations guys and girls please. Guys what do you recommend and ladies what do you like to see your man in.

I wear the oh and she loves it and so do I she say it looks so sexy and want me to wear them all the time

Ask the wife, mine just loves me in nice tight boxers, I bought some Sven O in the past the sheer ones were interesting, the wet look ones had a (in my opinion) poorly designed zipper.....

However she doesn't like ones with no access to the goodies, so hopefully that helps....

I love the LHM range on my other half. The striped mesh boxers in particular are great.

Thanks everyone much appreciated I will look at your suggestions 👍

I agree the LHM stripy boxers are amazing, I love the feel of them and my wife loves them on me too!

Yup stripe mesh boxers are flippity ooft! Cannot resist my husband in them.

I would go with the LHM range.

The striped mesh or the lace up boxers are my favourite one from the range.