Mental Relaxation Techniques

When dabbling with prostate stimulation I have found that i get the best, whole body orgasms, when I am able to clear my mind and just let the sensations take over. However, clearing my mind is the hardest part for me. I am either focusing too hard on trying to acheive the sensations or find my mind flitters to work or home matters, ruining my mental state.

Does anyone have any tips, techniques or ideas on how I can prepare/achieve/sustain a more relaxed mental state, free of erroneous thoughts, to help in my pursuit of body rocking orgasm?

Difficult to clear the mind - alcoholic daze can result in horny moments!!!

Try this, it works a treat for me. Lay down on your back, making sure you are comfy. Roll your eyes up as far as you can, so that you can feel the muscles stretching, then fix them on one spot. Breathe deeply counting five seconds in and five seconds out, do that (do not move eyes) and then close your eyes but still keeping them rolled right up. If you keep breathing slowly with your eyes in this position it apparently creates more Alpha brain waves which are the ones you need for a calm and focused mind.
Good luck!

This is less of a techinque and more of a regime but stick with me:

1. Get your heart rate up by jogging/walking or some such activity for at least 15 mins. As i'm sure you know this is good for releasing all those relaxing brain juices.I find the best thing to do is a circular route so that you end up back home for step 2....

2. Have a long warm shower/bath and concentrate on making your body nice and fresh and you could use something on your skin to make it feel super sexy, chaps can use unscented moisturisers. Rubbing cream into your skin is itself relaxing and gently massaging all the bits you can reach helps you relax, even better get someone else to help you relax all over!

3. Finally lie flat on your back, on floor or supportive mattress, close your eyes and focus on relaxing all parts of your body, starting with your
feet, and working your way all the way up to your neck. This takes concentration and takes your mind off the day's stresses. You might find you need to stretch before relaxing, i've no idea why this helps but it helps me. I use this final technique to fall asleep if im stressed or restless and it really works, if you're still not 100% relaxed just repeat the process, feet to neck breathing deeply and slowly. and for your purposes try not to fall asleep!

hope this helps,

Ah, and I meant to say, I know a lot of people think its nonsense but I find essential oils really do help me, particularly with relaxation. Lavender all the way my friend, make sure you get pure essential oil, not the cheap mixed nonsense, and try putting some drops of oil on your pillow or something when you're in the mood to try for this 'body rocking' orgasm....hope you make it there!

Hi frisky you up late or early hun !!!!

LLLate! as ever...don't do very much sleeping at the moment I'm up all night working. The joys!