Hey guys I’m a 26 year old male!

Having a MFF Threesome! next week and want to put a good show on I have decent stamina but want something to keep me on top of my game

What supplements or viagra do we all recommend?



I would recommend no drugs for your first mff …
You might want to self pleasure beforehand to try and prevent anything being over too quick. Also experiment with the idea of having a five minute break now to help prolong things…


Taking Viagra when you do not need to is not recommended, other supplements can be hit and miss. At 26 you should not need to take anything.

If you feel that you are about to explode too soon switch to oral until you have calmed down, if the girls play together take a step back and watch.

It will be all about taking your time which will help to keep things going.


I too would recommend not having any viagra or supplements on first experience, maybe from now till then experiment with edging :slightly_smiling_face:

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Always go with the stop and change to doing something different it gives you that little rest in between positions and helps keep your mind off of what your doing even if it’s for a few seconds that’s always worked for me! I’ve full of stamina myself and never taken anything to keep myself going. Worrying about it will keep your mind on it and then you’ll be more likely to do what your trying not to do lol.


Guess you’ve had experience with MFF


I recommend a cock ring instead of supplements but really you’re not going to be expected to be hard the whole time.
I also recommend a lot of condoms and put on a new one each time you move from one lady to the other.

Have fun :tipping_hand_man:t2:


I can honestly say through experience that if you have no ‘issue’ then don’t use any of the drugs prescription or other wise as you really don’t want the side effects that could rear there nasty little heads mid flow! The last thing you want is an attack of heart burn mid stroke or sensitivity to light as your swapping between your partners! :grimacing: a decent cock ting woukdnt go a miss as someone else mentioned :wink: