Midnight snack

Any one else up pot noodling or just me?

Just me ok…


Just had a bowl of Lucky Charms :rofl:


Just had some chips and naan bread from the takeaway :yum:

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Not had pot noodles for many year’s. Not long eaten a Chilli Con carni though.

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Food of the gods!

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Just ordered a pizza earlier. I don’t sleep much. :joy::thinking:

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Pizza is anytime of day or night food :joy::joy:


@richthelionheart legit wanted pizza before but settled on noodles instead :joy:


I had a chicken supreme then added extra cheese. Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. Pot Noodle is still a good shout. Beef and Tomato. :drooling_face:

@richthelionheart I had the beef and tomato one and my favourite thing is the peas in it and mine only had one pea :cry::sweat:

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That is an absolute travesty. Email them, they might send you a voucher for buying a new one. I did it with some Wine Gums, because no green ones were in there. This is unacceptable by Pot Noodle. :joy:

Beef and tomato are my favourite and like you the peas are amazing :man_facepalming:t3::joy::joy:

Try the Soba Noodles brand, they’re next level, so tasty. The one with the blue lid is my favourite.

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I can’t believe they’re actually doing ‘potless noodles’ now. Exactly the same stuff as in a pot noodle just no pot. The marketing team obviously had a good night out on the sauce or someone fell out with someone in the packaging dept. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Jaffa cakes and milk for me. Or choc hobnobs.