Milking Machine

Has anyone tried the Suck-O-Mat Ultimate Milking Machine

Thinking about getting one, but I want to make sure it’s worth the money.
I think my oh would love to watch…
It may have to be a Christmas present :gift:.

We haven’t, but the reviews aren’t great.

Though there is the Sex Toy Happiness Promise if you do want to take a chance on it. :+1:

(the Promise info is below the regular returns info)

Interested in where this goes. Always fancied a hands free milking machines but the always seem so expensive for what you get? There must be a cheap and effective version somewhere? I wonder what drives the cost so high?

For that kind of money I would expect to feel like a pussy doing kegal exercises or a good blow job ! If there were such a machine I probably would have to have one .

I’ve look at it for months, but sadly the reviews are to poor for me

Yeah, I’m thinking that I’m probably not going to get one, I’ll wait until a better one comes out.

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Like the idea of it but the reviews definitely put me off.

Hopefully LH can develop a better product and ideally a bit cheaper…would debate paying the money if the reviews were all 5 star

It might be a little late (10 months is a while but I’ve only just seen this thread!), but if people are still searching for this, you can’t go wrong with the Fleshlight Launch. Although advertized as a male masturbator, it basically operates like a milking machine, doing all the work while all you have to do is hold on and enjoy the ride (or have your OH hold it while you’re in your favourite predicament position!). It’s still a bit pricey at about 400 bucks (about 200 UK pounds I think) but totally worth it. The wife loves to watch it work its magic on me, so it’s definitely a win for us both.

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I have an automated masturbator called “The Handy”. It’s designed to feel like a handjob, and is made in Europe. Sadly, Lovehoney don’t stock it - but it does have the benefit of being cheaper than a Fleshlight Launch (and more compact).

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Sounds intriguing…! But I don’t think Sexterminatrix would like it because she likes to watch the machine pleasure my bits. It’s always good to discover new things, though, so thankyou for sharing that info! :slight_smile: