Mirrored ceilings

Has anyone else considered using mirror tiles or such-like on their ceilings to errr enhance the aesthetics of the bedroom? Or does anyone have a mirrored ceiling ?
Asking for a friend … lol


I love the idea or a mirrored ceiling. Not been brave enough to do it in our house yet but looking forward to see whether others have :raised_hands:


For the first time ever it is something that would appeal to me


We’re both 70. The last thing either of us need to see is is our backsides moving up and down.


I imagine they would be a pain to keep clean and smear and smudge free, despite being on the ceiling!


It sounds very exciting but I won’t be doing it.

Sounds very cool but the cleaning would get me plus they always remind me of that iconic horror film :sweat_smile:

It sounds interesting but I suspect a night mare to initial put up, and then to keep clean. I think your friend would be better with mirrored wardrobes and may be a web cab recording. @FortySomethingWife


Hmmm, not my cup of tea, thought about how to clean them :joy:

Im 30 and feel the exact same :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Mirrored wardrobes … I’ll tell her ! Hehe


I have mirrored wardrobes and they show every fingermark and attract dust, so bear in mind that you need to be on the ball with a duster! :joy:

I’ll also tell her to buy some good dusters …

We Like the idea, but agree with the cleaning :sponge: and not sure how I would explain to the children why we have mirrors on the ceiling.

Visiting grandparents would guess :see_no_evil::joy:

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You can buy mirrored perspex in large sheets think 4x8ft much lighter and safer than glass and you don’t have the issue of tiles at slightly different angles though id still stick to some 12mm ply but could also easily be screwed straight to the flat ceiling ? Our local Bayplastics has helped me out several times though not for the roof!


Y’all have thoroughly taken the appeal out of it for me with all the cleaning talk…just as well I’m not the friend that @FortySomethingWife was talking about :rofl::wink:

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Me 3 ! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Would love it in a hotel. Probably not in the house

A mirrored wall maybe, but the idea of anything on the ceiling above me, let alone a mirror, just fills me with anxiety :joy:

It’s something that I feel would be really sexy and love to experience. The scenes you would get to watch would be really erotic.