Missed Clues

Has anyone had early indicators or clues of their sexuality that was missed until way later in life?

For myself, everything comes back to my choices of porn and what I thought about them. My first category I really enjoyed was facial compilations. But once I thought about it, I had always fantasized about receiving the facials. Then I went through a big asses phase. But I was always jealous that my ass didn’t look like that.

My wife says she knew before me because straight men think Ryan Reynolds is hot, and I don’t :joy::joy:

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I don’t think I missed them but I always think back to when me and my friends used to have sleepovers and we’d sneakily watch the 900+ channels on sky which just had girls teasing or playing with themselves.
Everyone wanted to be with her and I wanted to be her!

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That makes a lot of sense. Most of the time I wanted to be in the womans position, not necessarily be here. The idea of being treated like a slut was always thrilling to me.

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Yeah I’ve learnt it’s the best way to be treated :wink:

I was always “different” with most of the things I liked so it always surprises me know when anyone is surprised by who I am now :joy:

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I used to put one of my bras on a pillow if I used it to masturbate, but it took years to realise I’m bi :woman_facepalming:

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Don’t worry hun used to steal any woman’s underwear I could when I saw a clean laundry pile and stuff them in my pockets!
Probably why I kept my room immaculate so mum wouldn’t tidy and find them :joy:

For me I realised I was bi when watching porn. I became obsessed with what guys were doing to girls!

For the wife she said it was all the drunken house parties when she only ended up with girls blamed being drunk for many years!

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I don’t really have any personal stories to add but as a straight woman I definitely think Ryan Reynolds is hot… love his humour, does that mean something? :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:

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Lmao idk I will have to ask

Did you want what the girls were getting?

Certainly wouldn’t kick Ryan Reynolds out of bed :joy:

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He just doesn’t do it for me. Tom Hardy though​:drooling_face::drooling_face::hot_face::hot_face:

Why not have both :wink:

Now in that scenario I would definitely enjoy myself. Ryan isn’t necessarily ugly to me, looking at him doesn’t make me feel any type of way.

I just think Tom Hardy could really manhandle me

Also I don’t know the actor’s name, but he plays David in the show Evil on paramount plus. I’d take a ride or two on that

By the way I love this forum! I get to be fully open and comfortable expressing my gay side

Same here the people are amazing :star_struck:

100% to be bent over and pounded like that looked amazing!


I think I should have been a woman. And I think if I was, I would be a lesbian. I love the female body and wonder why women are actually attracted to men. Hairy asses and long dicks…so Neanderthal’ish…
I have no question regarding my identity as a male and a father and being heterosexual. However, if the show were on the other foot and I was Mrs. Val, I would choose a female sexual partner 99 times out of 100.
I like being a man, having a dick and knowing how to use it, being a dad, an uncle, nephew and maybe one day a grandpa… I love man things like fishing and camping, fixing cars and knowing how a transmission works… not saying women don’t but I think I am your stereotypical male. I think I would struggle big time with self-worship of my body if I was a woman. Everything about it (from my humble and very sexual point of view) is fantastic! A tip of the cap to you ladies! Super jealous!