Missing loyalty points?

Is it just me or are the oh! loyalty points not updating? I've placed a couple of orders since opening my account yet still on the original 500.

They take 30 days from the order date to show on your account but should show in your order history, if it's over 30 days ago, I'd use live chat, at the top of the screen and ask customer services.

I made an order today and wont get my points until 6th october and the ones I got today were from the 11th august if thats any help to you. Check your account and it should show you when they are due.

Yeah it says the due dates (28th August) mabe they are just a little behind?

I think it'd be computerised so I'd use the chat and ask them, I just checked my account, my last points were credited on the right date and I have two others pending....

Have you returned the order? I only ask because you dont get for returned items and if thats not the case then live chats your best bet for an answer.

Nah not returned the order I'll give live chat a go :) thanks guys!x

Good call guys, points added through live chat :) x

Glad you got it sorted.