modelling work...

anyone ever done any ? looking to try and get into it as i need some extra funds, but got no idea were to start who to trust etc...

to be honest, its not a great thing to do just 'for some extra funds' as it takes a long time to build up a portfolio and a name. My partner does modelling and after nearly two years doing it she is only now starting to do payed work. you would need to join somewhere like model mayhem and start of doing TF (free) shoots to help build your portfolio. then when that is professional enough you are more likely to be paid. you can also build your port then try to join an agency which will help get you paid work. Be warned though, the industry is so saturated without putting 100% time and effort in, you unlikely to get anything big out.

there is no BBW who do modelling!!!

You can Model for me any time !

Hey Hun,

You should start off with a good few photos to build a portfolio. You could tryadding a profile on sites like starnow this is what i did and i got a good response from people willing to use me in shoots in return for copies of the pics taken.

Since then i have done paid shoots!

Good luck! if you need anymore advice just drop me a mail

jess x