monogamy board game

Hi guys wasn't sure where to put this, I'm considering buying said game, can anyone recommend the game and what extras do you need to go with the game

No, I cannot. I got it over a year ago in the 3 for 50 deal. I've been together for 10 years, married for 9 with my husband and we love all sorts of board games. I thought this was a fun way for us to add diversity in the bedroom (we are always open to new things). The reviews seemed awesome so I went for it. Tried it once. Boring as hell. We found it to be repetitive, tame (for a couple that already knows each other well enough), long (in a bad way), mechanical and very little fantasy put in. The whole night was ruined (as board game fans, we did not want to quit mid game or don't follow the rules so we finished the game, but then just went to sleep). You can find my review here: I sent it back and asked for it to be replaced with this board game: Now this one we still enjoy playing a lot! We will also add other cards (from other games or make our own) to it when it gets to be repetitive so we could still use the game after. We love it.

Thank you era your review definitely paints a different picture, love the idea of t+t will show it to oh and see what he thinks of it

I don't have monogamy but I do have tie and tease and although I haven't got around to reviewing it yet I can highly recommend it. :)

We tried it once and never again as it was so longwinded (think I gave it to a charity shop).

The bit we really enjoyed was shopping for all the cream, fruits, etc that we were going to use knowing what we were going to do with it while others were just going their weekly shop.

We ended up just playing with the food rather than the game.

I badly wanted to try Nooki but they no longer sell it, will have to try and find it on Amazon or Ebay... Anyone played Nooki?

We have monogamy and quite like it, but also it is our only game of that type so don't really have anything to compare it to.
It certainly isn't a game where you get "straight in there", more like the monopoly of sex games! We always make sure we have a good few hours available as well as drinks and foodstuffs - I think a large part of the game is the mental anticipation, which can make the game feel slow if you are looking to "get started" sooner rather than later!
I might have to have a look at T&T now that so many have mentioned it though ;-)