Monogamy Props

Hi all, looking at getting the monogamy game. What items do you need to play it fully as know there is a need for various items during the game.

Hi @NiceGuyNorthEast nice to see you back. I’ve not payed this game, sure someone will come along to help, soon.

@NiceGuyNorthEast, there are a few historic threads on this.

We only played it once (found it all too slow and boring - for us) and donated the game to a Charity shop. For us the best bit was going to the supermarket to get food items and being the only people in the store who knew what they were going to be used for in a few hours.

Let your imagination go wild, get what you want to lick and pour off/on each other and have fun. The only thing we (partner) found a turn-off was strawberry jam because it reminded her of time of the month.

When we bought the game (years ago) the manufacturer’s website did give details of the basics.

@Purring-Pussy thanks for the welcome back.

@Private_member I will have a search, couldn’t remember if you needed any toys etc or just food, drink and massage oil?

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I’ve not played Monogamy, but we have got the LH Fantastic Foreplay board game and that comes with everything you need, bar a timer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t compare it to Monogamy as I haven’t played it, but the LH one is basically an extended foreplay game. As @Private_member says, they can be a bit slow and tame if you have high expectations, but I think the best thing about the LH one is that it’s got all the game mechanics in there and you can just customise it all to your own tastes. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: It can be pretty much stripped back to the board and cards and you can decide what happens when you land on each square type (pick a card/take off clothes/order a takeaway), as well as rewriting all the card tasks, dares, prizes, whatever to make them more suitable to your kink-level. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if Monogamy is as adaptable, but most board games are. :+1:

I seem to remember something to tie the other person up and vibrators wouldn’t be out of place. There was another game I encountered that required daffodils (one of the dares was to have it popped in your arse - I assume you could substitute other seasonal flowers).

We ended up just going with what we wanted to do with each other so used whatever we had to hand (once we had run out of food).

(And be prepared for laundry day if food is involved)

Hi , had the game a few weeks now, played twice , we both absolutely love it.
Would suggest playing with things you can eat easily , strawberries etc, try squirty cream or custard.
Having a drink ready helps( doesn’t have to be alcoholic)
Best thing you can bring is full participation and willingness to challenge yourself.

Me and the wife would put sexy underwear under are clothes for the striping part of the game drink what even alcohol you like food like bananas strawberrys etc and that squeeze cream is a must music helps to plus what ever toys you own is a must to most of the time me and the wife never made it to the end of the game :joy::joy::joy:

We love this game! It is slow, especially at the beginning, but bear with it as it gets pretty hot by the end. For us the slow start helped to get us in the right mood.

It’s good to have something sexy to take off for the stripping and lapdance challenges. There are quite a few food challenges so food you can eat sexily and lick off will help. There are a couple of challenges where a blindfold makes it more fun. And that’s it really.

I know some people find it a bit vanilla but we found this game great. It can be hard to get to the end!

Thanks for all the help and advice :smile: