Monogamy the board game

Hello all

I was just wondering if any one has this game? I have been thinking of getting it for a while might bite the bullet and order it today, does any one have it and how does it play is it boring or silly? And also what props or toys will I need to go along with it, I know I will need food but anything else.

Any feed back will be great

Thanks all :-)


There are over a hundred reviews for that game. If you click on 'most helpful', then you can read reviews that explain in depth what the game is like to play, and extra items needed, everything like that :)

OK thank you :)

Not played the game yet but the game itself is infused with quality .It says it can be played in 90 minutes yeah right. !

IMO the game needs to be started early in the evening and will last approx most of the evening.

My own pteparations will be as follows.

1) Dump the kids with the grand parents

2) Close the curtains .

3) Dim The lighting

4) Make sure the room is warm . Don't forget you will be playing this game in various states of nakedness .

5 ) Unplug the phone and switch off any mobiles.

6) Provide some dips with Pringles

7) Have some squeeezy Cream on stand by.

8) Plenty of drinks either alcoholic or not ( if none drinker)

8) The following props are recommended or improvise . Satin ties and Blindfold. Perhaps a light paddle ( there is chance of some spanking)

Then your ready to go !

What I would recommend is for both parties to go through the cards well before starting and remove any that you feel uncorfortable with or feel rather silly. I am sure there is one that requires vacuuming the carpet in the nude. or something like that..For me it all depends on when the game is played as neighbours may not appreciate vacuuming at midnight! My OH wouldn't be comfortable doing a lap dance but I wouldnt mind giving her one. That would be a card that she would ingnore but I wouldn't mind if she played it on me.

I would also only recommend this game for solid long term partnerships who want to find out more about each other. New couples would need to be very broadminded.

More importantly is that both parties have fun.

If you want a tip. Wear plenty of layers if you want to see your partner naked before yourself. I think women could easily tease with this by wearing plenty of knickers with each pair getting smaller as they are removed. That will get the male gagging for it. The reason for this is that there is a square marked with a shoe which if landed on requires an item of clothing to be removed.

It can also be used with same sex couples as well with a bit of midification .

Highly reommended .

Myself and hubby enjoyed it. Need food, alcohol, some sex toys and some music.

It's more a once in awhile thing for us. It is fun but you do need to put quite a lot of effort in - as to having the things like sexy food and alcohol.

I agree with mysteron - it's not a quick game, so set aside plenty of time for it. Also, def recommend removing cards you arent willing to follow before you start.

I will now close this thread as the discussion has finished.