Monogamy vs Nookii

Hi all.

My wedding anniversary is coming up and we have a weekend away booked.

I have been trying to decide between the two games above and cant make my mind up.

We are both reasonably adventurous and have a few toys; dildos, vibes, tying up stuff, paddles for example, but I cant work out which one would be best for us.

We would want something that might either spur us on to try something new, or to get us in a different routine.

I would be very grateful to hear any thoughts on either game, how they compare etc.

Thank you


Hello welcome :wave:

I have not played any of the games so unfortunately cannot comment.

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I only know spin the bottle!

Write out 30 things to do (including things you’ve never considered), arrange them in a circle, then spin the bottle. Whoever is spinning, gets to do what it lands on.



We have monogamy so can only vote for this :slight_smile:

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Monogamy is definitely more interesting than Nookii - I’ve had both. More variety in the former (still relatively tame but more variety) and personally found the latter to be even more tame with repetitive activities. Still yet to find the holy grail of something that caters for the kinkier and more adventurous mind. Making a DIY game is always an option and can be fitted to suit your personal tastes. :wink:


Monogamy is much better than Nookii in my opinion. for one the clock that came with the game was broke, then the tasks just werent exciting and some of the tasks were just odd. Just got to make sure you’ve got the extras, like a couple of toys, some food, and there are undress points so dont start pretty much naked like the first time my OH and I played

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Hey welcome to the forum! I’ve yet to try any games like this so unfortunately not got much advice to give.

@MeandShe7972 Mrs. Val’s idea of a weekend away is a onesie and chicken wings for 2 days straight. Some cuddling and a nap watching a Korean subtitled love story without kids going “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…!” a thousand times per hour.

We have a weekend coming up on Oct 1st and I rented a place with a fireplace and a tub and booked a couple’s massage just to attempt to have a few hours of sex so we will see.

When she is on her game she is a tiger. When she is off, she’s off… and our sex cycle could be about 12-14 days between sex. I think if I introduced a game she would be super apprehensive and likely would be pissed…strange but true.

Good luck with the choice and I am happy you have one!

I haven’t got either, but we have ‘You and Me’ which we enjoyed!

Me and my oh enjoy Monogamy tho I bought it used out of a Christian charity shop don’t think they knew what it was because it was on full display in the shop :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: