More Delivery Options

Just a bit of a suggestion, But it would be great if Lovehoney offered more delivery options. I work for Royal Mail and most staff in our office recognise parcels sent from Lovehoney and other sex toy sites (mainly because of the return address). Which means if I want to order discreetly I need to use Sunday delivery from DPD which I have to pay extra for. This means I’m less likely to place an order and have actually felt like I can’t justify a couple of Black Friday deals. I understand you can’t offer free delivery with every courier, but another option that didn’t cost as much as Sunday delivery would be good as I’m sure I’m not the only person that would benefit. Rant over,

I work on the PO counter we have to ask the contents of parcels even if I recognise the return address that puts both parties in a position but it's for safety nothing else ie dangerous goods, if asked try just saying "moulded plastic components" Thankfully most prepaid returns don't require asking what's inside.

I dont know a person without sex toys these days. They might know its from LH but whats inside is still mystery?

I'd take pride in it :) try thinking: 'Yeah I've got a fun sex life, up yours'

Surely even the couriers will know where they are from? As others have said if they have to look st your parcel label that closely to read the return address then they have issues of their own.

Yep, absolutely second what Trine said.

I order quite a bit from LH, some boxes rather large, others smaller. No one knows what is inside, and I feel LH do a bloody awesome job with the quick and discreet packaging.

If the people in the post office think they know what's inside, good for them, they've probably got the same at home too!

I agree love honey have the best packaging around. Others often rip open at work and show contents to all. I’d just like another delivery option so that when I do order something I don’t have to deal with my friends and colleagues announcing to all that will listen that I’ve ordered from here. On larger orders I don’t mind paying for Sunday delivery, but can’t justify that extra cost on one off items

With your status Going Steady I cant work out if you have a partner (you have reviewed a spanking paddle and restraints so I'm guessing yes) but I guess even that is none of their business.

I guess your someone that embarrass easy, If someone announced that round my office I'd be like 'Oi put my big 8"er down' 'Mind my Large Butt Plug' or something else more extreme to kinda turn the embasement.

Unfortunately I don’t think what you are asking for is available. Even the company that deals with sending out bank statements actually uses Royal Mail to deliver them because they cannot do it anywhere near as cheap. If you can name an actual company that are able to deliver cheap enough to make it worth the postage charge when buying sale items, I’m sure Lovehoney would be interested.