Most embarrassing underwear story


New here and wondered if anyone has any embarrassing lingerie stories.

Being a guy who wears thongs I have many here is one.

Well I was into being fit I was like ooo beach run, went for run along the beach was empty and thought I’d cool off and go for a swim, so I stripped the shorts off now in just undies small thong. Swam into the sea for a bit…afterwards turned back ready to get out and noticed groups of people had started to sit on edge mostly women…well I was like oh well it I’ll have to just swim back and get out all casual…turns out my thong had gone completely see thru and my penis (grower not a shower) had disappeared inside me from the cold!


I once shit my pants on a hillside walk in Wales while holidaying. I’d bought some fart sweets from a tourist shop, and obviously no one would eat them - so I did. It did not go well.


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It’s not so much embarrassing at the time, as at the point I admitted it. About two years ago I confided in my step-sister that I dress up and have done so on and off since I was a teen. I thought it best to get the details out and address any likely questions, so this included a confession that I’d started off in her things. She was really supportive and told me she’d never known or suspected, which was a relief. I felt super guilty, but opening up was about as embarrassing a moment as I’ve ever had. At least I wasn’t caught!


Not really an underwear story, but this happened many moons ago back when I was at secondary school when I was 14.
For PE we had to do swimming - one thing I have always hated, have a phobia of water, but there was no getting out of it. And of course, budgie smugglers were compulsory at the time.
I used to get so anxious around it I’d always be the last one to walk in, that way I’d be at the shallow end. On this particular occasion, as I walked in people started to laugh and giggle. I just carried on to the side of the pool, when the kid next to me suggested I might want to check the speedos.
I was mortified as I realised I’d just walked in with a bollock hanging out!


We moved in with my sister for a few weeks while we were selling and buying our house and she thoughtfully decided to do our washing for us one day. She commented after, with a little grin, that she would let me sort out the underwear as she was not sure who’s was who’s and when I looked my husbands thongs were mixed in with mine! Nothing more was said but I think she got a laugh out of the situation.


Hahaha this sounds great! Who else knows your husband wears thongs?

That took guts, @MySecretDesires - more courage than many of us will ever have need to draw on. You have every reason to be proud of yourself. :dress:


Thank you @PleasureDrone it was nerve wracking and really embarrassing… but since then she’s been my absolute rock!

I have had a few pairs of heels delivered to her through ebay, she has donated what has become my favourite pair of jeans and the bra that fits me best and has given me the go-ahead to borrow whatever jewellery and accessories I need in future.

She has helped me more than she will ever realise and I can never thank her enough. I also told her I’d applied to be a tester on here and she thought it was hilarious!

This has not been the year I expected, but within it there are some revelations and milestones - I wouldn’t change them for anything!