How many of you prefer a man with a moustache?

I am 2 weeks into a fairly painful start of a moustache growing episode. This is the first time that Mrs. Val has been excited about me growing one so I thought I better give it a try.

I think there are MANY hideous “lip lettuce” attempts and I’m afraid mine may be an epic fail. My beard is reddish with some grey hairs poking through. I looked at hundreds of photos and have come to the conclusion the space between my nose and my lip is fairly wide (vertically) so I think a thicker moustache is the only thing that will fill the gap. I want to get it long enough that I can have whisps on the end, not curled up and waxed but more like a Wyatt Erp style.

What do you all think of men with facial hair? Does it feel better worse kissing, touching, when getting oral performed? Do you prefer super clean and smooth face or facial hair? Are you more attracted to the look of it or the feel? Does it add mystery and a role play concept or does it make any difference at all.

We haven’t had sex since I started growing this contraption (stress, shark week, etc.), but she likes it and it is coming in nicely (IMHO), but I am interested in how people feel about the look and feel of facial hair during sex.

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Mr John grew a beard and moustache years ago, all the men going away for a stag weekend did the same.
I was very sceptical until he returned home with fully fledged facial hair. I absolutely love it and would miss it terribly if he ever shaved it off.
I wouldn’t say it makes much difference to our sex life, other than he looks extremely sexy so I probably fancy him more!


I have a similar colour to yours by the sound of it my Mrs loves it so it’s stopping I do shave it off every now and then for a change though @valbowski77 it depends on how you both feel with it ! It may grow on you lol :+1:

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My OH doesn’t like me with stubble or a moustache, but she likes them on people on tv.

My Guy doesn’t really like me with a moustache or beard either. He says it’s not very feminine. He also recoils at my hairy nipples and fluffy toes as well. I considered dying it pink for a more “feminine” look :laughing:

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Hubby has a beard, keeps it short and well maintained, smells amazing with the stuff he uses on it, it’s definitely a turn on for me.
Kissing him and when he’s performing oral on me it never gets in the way, or bothers me in the slightest.
When we do roleplay, I don’t know what it is but it just does something to me, excites me more and he use’s that to his advantage, especially if he’s wearing a suit and aventus creed :ok_hand:


I do like a bloke with stubble… looks very manly to me rugged…

And stubble sex…



Not a fan of mustaches… I prefer when my husband is clean shaven, feels better when we’re kissing and cuddling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Had a full moustache from a young age that my mother loved so kept until she died, partner didn’t mention preference as we had known each other from a young age before it started.
Personally can’t stand the feel of them or beards so shave when the stubble gets too long (recent partners seem to prefer stubble). Due to having a caste on my shaving hand I am currently bearded but hoping caste will come off tomorrow so can have a good hack and get back to normal.
I don’t understand why people spend lots of time shaping beards and then money on products to stop the itching because of them. Guess it is just a fashion thing that comes and goes.
Shaved is certainly less itchy for both parties.

My dad has a mustache so that’s a definite no for my OH :rofl: I don’t like any facial hair as my face is incredibly sensitive and my OH’s facial hair actually ripped a chunk out of my chin once and it took over a month for it to recover (it was like full-on rug burn) :sweat_smile: And whenever he has any bit of stubble if we’re getting hot and heavy it will rub my face very red, to the point he can notice and asks if his stubble did it :sweat_smile: He knows how sensitive my skin is so he tries to keep as clean-shaven as possible, plus he tends to not like the feeling once it grows out either :sweat_smile:

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Interesting one, I will be told off if I have short stubble, less so if it grows out a bit. With 1 or 2 days growth I might get away with going downstairs but have to keep the athletic facial movements minimised to prevent scratching delicate areas :grinning: I’ve definitely shaved specifically with the intention of pleasing before :grin:

I don’t mind men with a stubble but not keen on a full Gandalf beard, although I do have a strange attraction to a moustache lol

My wife finds me very attractive with a 2-3 day stubble, but much more than that becomes far too ticklish even for any serious kissing, much less for me to go down on her. I find that I myself am tickled by my own beard after much more than a week. The only time I’ve let it grow out more than that was post-partum when everything was off the table anyway.

The one time I did grow it out enough to shave down to a mustache, it reminded her far too much of her dad who’s had a mustache her whole life, so I won’t be doing that again.

Go all beard

Hey peeps! Long time no chat. Just thought I’d add my 2 cents here: moustache for the win! Any facial hair (as long as it’s well looked after) is a winner in my eyes. BUT not all facial hair is equal - I went out with a guy who had a mega long beard but he never trimmed it or did anything to keep it nice, so it was gross. To give you an idea, my mum still refers to him as ‘Fagin’ :joy:


Have a “welcome back” from me!

I love the feel of facial hair when I’m getting oral.

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Just had a series of naughty texts with Mrs. Val about tonight. Told her she was gonna get a moustache ride… Her reply? “Oh My”…

Oh you just wait Mrs. Val…you just wait…!

My partner prefers clean shaven. I can grow a pretty good beard. Red and curly. Problem is my partner is very ticklish and kissing her just about anywhere gets me punched in the face :laughing:

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I’m not allowed to shave my beard off, MrsToysrus doesn’t like me clean shaven, I couldn’t pull off just a moustache though, would make me look very dodgy! :joy: