Movie of lurve!


I wonder if I might use this bit of the forum to ask for a quick bit of help from you? My wife is extremely uptight about sex but may be up for inspiration and eye-opening (we use toys from Lovehoney so all is not lost!). I'm hoping to help her realise there is more to sex than a furtive hump under the sheets.

Can any of you please recommend a decent R-level move or educational film that shows various sexual acts in full, but from a loving and romantic point of vew rather than some clinical approach? However, it's got to be explicit and graphic but not cold porn.

We have viewed a couple of the Lover's Guide educationals, but they seem to gloss over the 'why' of doing it and their approach to technique is almost detached and emotionless.

Any ideas most welcome thank you!


A number of porn sites have "famle friendly" or "for women" sections which would probably cut out the videos which display the degredation of women, and then within that just trying to find one that suits your tastes.

Aside from that I can't say I've ever really looked for specific videos sorry! Good luck in your quest ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

A good film I can recommend is a film called Campbus. It is quite funny in many places and covers gay sex,straight sex, modern brothel s,bdsm ,voyersim the use of Love Eggs and Vibrators. It is a main stream film. Definitley not a film to watch when kids are around .

I believe you mean Shortbus? I have that movie, it's good, but it's way too homosexual for the purpose (which is not to cast any aspertions on homosexuality). My poor wife would have a fit if she saw it. Thanks for the input!

Thanks for the suggestions folks. I'm sorry but the porn sites are way too garish for her.