Hey everyone!

So I know everything on this forum is pretty much sex related, and this is probably not the first place that comes to your mind when asking something about moving, but I truly believe the opinion of the LH community is by far the most honest and sincere one I could get, so hey, why not give it a try? I also know that it is a very subjective topic, but still, I hope to get a good first impression :)

So, my wife and I are moving to the Birmingham area. We would like to find a nice area to live in, as quiet and friendly as possible, within 10 miles from the city center. Since we don't really know the area, we would love to have your opinion on the best areas for us. Thanks to everyone whol will help us :)

Good luck with your move :) I'm from Scotland so can't offer any advice, but I'm sure there are other members that can help you out. I hope you and your wife find a nice place to live in Birmingham. x

Thank you! :)

My daughter and her boyfriend are moving to Birmingham. They're looking to live in the Edgebaston area..... apparently that's really nice , according to a good friend of mine who used to live there xx

One point for Edgbaston! :) Thank you Terri JJ!

My Ex and I lived in Selly Oak, about 10 - 20 minutes / 5 miles (according to Google Maps) from Central Birmingham. The part we lived in wasn't the prettiest area, but it was really quiet even though we were in a heavily student based road :-)

Thanks GollyGotha!

Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Edgbaston! Take a look at those kinda areas x

I don't know Birmingham at all, but I've just moved ahead of my partner, and we will be moving together in a couple of months. Good luck with the stress of it!

Thank you both! Solihull looks lovely!

Oh tell me about the stress, you never get used to it :)

I'm a born and bread brummie castle Bromwich has some some nice parts. Hodge hill Sutton Coldfield.

emergencyexit wrote:

Thank you both! Solihull looks lovely!

Oh tell me about the stress, you never get used to it :)

Some lovely parts there. Hope all goes well and stress free xx

Thanks! We have only been in the city centre only so far, but we really loved the atmosphere. I am really happy about everyone's suggestions, it will really help us narrow down our search area. I knew I could count on the Lovehoney community! :)