my boyfriends been away for 6 weeks what sexy surprises can I do for him??

I'm picking him up from the airport and we are staying a night in a hotel so I would love to give him a night of passion to blow his mind. I've already bought a sexy basque which I'm surprising him with by casually walking out of the bathroom wearing it but do you guys have any other sexy suggestions to make his blood boil with excitement for seeing me??? Fun sexy games etc etc??? Thank's :) :)

High heels? No underwear when you pick him up and whisper into his ear when you get in the car?

Hi Jessica Rabbit,

My Husband suggests that while in your sexy new basque, you get him to watch you play with yourself while not letting him touch you or himself. Guaranteed to drive him wild.....

Hope you both have fun

I know its warm out, but if it was a raininy day maybe wear the basque under a long thin jacket like a trench coat then let it casually slip open when your in the car

Haha scorpius12 - brilliant I've done similar for him on skype.. brill idea doing it in person :)

Littlestrummerboy - not bad at all was thinking similar, loving the guy input on here...

Any other suggestions??

From a man's point of view, I think Strummer Boy's idea as a 'starter' is absolutely perfect! If he likes stockings, wear these also (without knickers) and tease him further by driving with the tops just showing.

Then move onto the main course with Scorpius's idea.

Guaranteed to give him a night to remember! :)

I'm terrible with things like this - I have to plan everything. Depending what you're into, I have a couple of scenes in my head.

If you're both into the bondage side of things, I would have to cuff him and maybe blindfold him, and if possible pull over somewhere quiet on the way home. Cut the engine, and take the blindfold off to reveal you playing solo. But don't let him touch! Go as far as you want, reaching the big O or keeping it back, then put the blindfold back on and carry on to the hotel. Then out you come from the bathroom, or from under a coat, in your new basque..night sorted!

If there's some fantasy of his you haven't gotten around to yet, like watching porn together and getting busy or something, work that into it? :)

Enjoy, and let us know how it goes!

He wont know what him!

Awesome idea's thank you :)

You could try sending some suggestive text/picture before hand

I think youve got a very lucky boyfriened everyones idea's sound great

What naughtyT said.

And when you are in the hotel give him a little tease. The man will have the best ime of his life.

I'm looking forward to trying out all these awesome ideas I'l let you know how I get on haha. Monday night is gonna be amazing :D

Lol best of luck!

How did you get on ? Did you have fun

Not seeing him till Monday this week is going so slow :(

Oh next monday sorry my bad