"My Daughter the Teenage Nudist"

I remember a while ago there was a thread about being naked in public, which went off topic into breastfeeding, and actually said little about just being naked. At the risk of starting that again, I have just watched a documentary on 4od called "My Daughter the Teenage Nudist", and wondered if anyone else has seen it, and what they thought about it, and if possible thoughts on being naked in public.


REMINDER: This thread is for thoughts on just being naked in public ONLY, and not about any specific acts that require nudity.

Not seen it but as far as I'm concerned I don't care if people want to be naked, as long as it is in designated areas.

i think i saw that programme a while back, cant remember much about it.

As for being nude in public, it doesnt appeal to me personally. thats not to say its wrong. i think for many people it would be quite extreme to see people out in the street naked all the time (and cold) but I remember somebody mentioning jokily on the forums somewhere that there should be nudist areas in parks. this sort of thing would be great for people who do want to be naked, but i fear that it could lead to pervy people using these spaces for the wrong reasons and people would be either expolited or driven away if they were made to feel uncomfortable and/or vunerable.

Yeah I'd love to be naked all the time, constantly naked at home & even round my parent's I'll only have underwear on... But I wouldn't like it due to the cold, not a big fan of nip-ons! Would be nice on a sunny day if there was a bit in a park I could go and just strip off though but Hazy is right, it would lead to the wrong type of person taking advantage and having a good ogle!

cant watch it ????

I saw the program which I thought was interesting but I think that nudity should be confined to special areas. I have been to several nudist beaches and its a great feeling to lay there without having the discomfort of wearing any clothes.

I haven't watched the programme but I can imagine a lot of people would be interested in doing this but maybe don't know where to start (this includes me!)

I think doing something like this would be exhilirating and life changing. I also think that it would be perfect for boosting your confidence, realising that not everyone is the same and not everyone is perfect!

My only worry would be sexual assault, but i'm sure in a nudist area there would be people making sure that this doesn't happen.

Is there anyone on here who does anything like this? I would be very interested in finding a nudist beach nearby!

We both agree it sounds appealing. There is a hotel here in the west midlands that is for nudists only. It was on the hotel inspector tv show.

Everyone looked over 60, so I guess maybe there is a younger market out there that needs to be targeted.

I think that it should be contained to certain beaches, hotels, holiday resorts etc.

More than ever, we live in a multi cultral society, so there are so many P.C brigade members out there that you cannot really actually say or do anything these days without offending someone in someway.