My hubby's coming home....

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, my hubby is in the army, he is due home on RNR soon and I want to do something special for him, I don't know if I would just buy a new outfit and give him a special night in or go away somewhere, I'm on a bit of a budget, I just can't seem to think of anything! Please help, I want to make his little time in the UK special and give him something to remember when he goes back to Afghanistan

Thanks everyone in advance!


I think one good thing would be to do something at home.

I know if I had been in Afghanistan, then I would just love to spend time at home with my wife.

Even though you are on a budget, like us all =[, little things would make it that little bit more special.

His favourite meal? A new sexy outfit? Time together?

Just some things off the top of my head ><

Hope that helps =]

I thought about that, I'm drawing a blank on everything though, new outfit...what kind? It's as if I've forgotten everything he's into! I think I'm panicing about what to do my mind is going blank. I wanted to do something at home like that, but something extra special too thats why I thought of going away for a night or two, then it would be time just us, without the kids, or am i beens elfish taking him away from the kids when he hasn't seen them for a while?


Oooh yay I love thinking of surprises!

- How about giving him "Christmas Day" as I'm gussing he missed the real one ... you could set up a tree, have a big roast dinner, some naughty presents, some nice presents...lots of sex and cuddles too!

- You could get him a camera/camcorder and the two of you could make a mini documentary of your time together so you both have a lovely reminder of what you get up to.

- You could play an alphabet game...during your time together you have to do 26 things each begining with a different letter of the alphabet (they could be only naughty things or a mixture or just random fun things....depends what you fancy)...

eg A....arcade, anal sex, archery

B....basket ball, blow job, bumper cars

C....camping, cumming, cuddling

and so on

- You could recreate your first date (assuming it went well, or if it went badly I guess it could be your chance to do it right the second time round!)

These are all that I can think of now, hope you have an amazing time together though my lovely!


Hiya mel. My OH's brother serves in afghan and when he came home for 2 weeks me and my OH minded they're kids for 3days whilst they had some time together. They just done things like went the pics, ate out but did spend loads of time in the sack at home, no hotels or anything fancy. He just wanted her in suspenders and thong! Yes he told me! Lol SG69 x

I am liking all of those ideas from Kitty! Haha. Clearly beat mine :P

With the outfit, maybe a dark fantasy he has always had, like a nurse or what ever. Or maybe something he has always liked the idea of?

Another thing that's just occured to me is to ask him what he'd like (sexual play, outfit etc) before he gets home so he can have time to picture it and fantasize about it before he gets back. Surprises are nice but giving him the image to look forward to will make the excitement last longer for him! Should also help set your mind at rest as you'll know you're doing wearing stuff he's definately into


thanks for the replys!

I'm liking the idea's Kitty, maybe we could just have a first date as we never had one lol we never even went to the flix until we'd been together 3 years!

Loving the idea of just getting someone for the kids and having time to ourselves in the idea what his fantasies are though, he always says he hasn't got any but then again he is quite shy with things like that, I've dropped a dress size (almost 2) since he's been away so I definately want a new outfit, I think my mind is working in overdrive though, I'll have a look at some outfits and post them on here, see what you gus think if you don't mind? xxx

thats a good idea, thanks for that hun, I'll try it if he rings before he is in the uk!


Would this be too much of cliche? (or however you spell it lol)


I've dressed up in his uniform many years ago when i was skinny enough to fit into it! he seemed to like it, just cant seem to find anything that will look ok with my figure xx

Sexymel88 you have a stunning figue and I'm sure you have an equally beautiful face, I'm sure your OH will be absolutely gobsmacked by whatever you end up wearing!

A few quick clothing ideas:

If you're looking for something a bit different, I always feel very sexy in a bodystocking:

They're so flattering and it feels amazing to be caressed through because you're almost touching skin but not quite...fantastically teasing. My OH loves them because he can see the outline of my figure really well and he also likes the almost-touching effect.

Corsets and basques are always good for raising confidence levels because they really give oomph to your curves! Corsets make me feel sucked in and pushed-out in all the right places and can give me an extra boost to stop worrying and start feeling sexy!


Does he have a fave film at all? Pirates of the Carribbean?

Or re-create christmas?

Or just something leaving a little to the imagination?


Thank you for your help, i think I'll have a look at some corsets and basques, talked to him this morning and he said he will pick an outfit out when we go shopping as he can't say what he's into, he will pick something he likes, however a basque or something along the lines of it will be a nice welcome home present. We are going to a hotel for a few nights far away from here so that will be nice, I can't wait now. I'll post my finds on here again


I don't know what time he will be due home, he has to get from Brize Norton so it takes about 6 or 7 hours, its a case of he will be here when he knocks on the door. he is welcome to take any pictures back with him, however raunchy they are, thats a good idea thanks xx

I think being at home would be nice. If he's been away I'm sure being at home, in his own bed with his wife will be lovely for him. Maybe re-creating Christmas might be nice. When I first met Elcano (in April 08) he mentioned he'd been on his own the Christmas before. I surprised him when he got home from work with Christmas day - dinner, tree, decs, mince pies, crackers, fake snow flakes on the window, presents, Christmas music etc etc.... Maybe you could do something like that and as his 'present' dress up ?? Either way have a brilliant time together

I quite like this:

I think its sexy, but would it be too clingy for my figure??

With going to a hotel now planned, my budget for sexy things has dropped loads. If only this was in stock and in the sale:

But I think this could be the winner:

What does anyone think? xx

Oh, you're going to a hotel? I missed that! Ignore my post above then! lol Have a fantastic time

He doesn't like having a second xmas, he says it makes him feel bad for not been here so I wouldn't want to risk doing it and him not liking it, thanks for the idea though hun xxx

Yeah going to a hotel, I can't wait, its going to be amazing xxxx