My reviews haven’t been posted yet

I wrote 4 reviews on Sunday and I can’t see that they have been approved yet. Is it just me? The last one got approved within 2 days. I don’t think mine are overly saucy!


I wrote one for the Cato last Friday and it’s still not up yet. I did get an email asking me to verify it. I clicked it, but nothing so far. :man_shrugging:

But here’s my review for anyone looking at buying one: :slightly_smiling_face:

This is quite a compact size rabbit but it really packs a punch (especially with its ‘go nuts’ climax button).

It’s really easy to hold, the design is sleek, and the toy is inviting and not overwhelming.
The controls are simple to use once you familiarise yourself with how the buttons are arranged (though the climax button is easy to hit by accident. Bad thing? Not sure…). The central power button needs a long press to turn off, so no accidental power downs, and as well as the climax button there’s a button for each of the three motors (so you can tweak the settings to just how you like).

It is smaller than a lot of our other rabbits, but this does help out with maneuverability. The flat pulsating head of the shaft fits Mrs Chimp really well when inserted, and almost guides itself into just the right position, but when it’s there the rabbit ears are unfortunately nowhere near the right spot. Rabbits are notoriously tricky to match perfectly to everyone’s anatomy though, so this isn’t entirely unexpected. The rabbit head is quite stiff, so there’s no flexibility to adapt position that way, but the vibrations on the rabbit head travel well and give enough power to tackle the job (even if you’re using the back of the bunny). However, because of its smaller stature, it can be maneuvered around very easily so you can slide it up, down and around to make sure your completely covered. And it feels great with a bit of movement, so that actually ended up working in its favour (for Mrs Chimp at least)

The pulsator has a deep rumbling sensation to it even on the lowest settings, and it gives off some great sensations. The vibrations don’t feel as powerful without the pulsator, so without it I’d say it’s quite a medium toy vibration-wise. Mrs Chimp couldn’t feel it ‘pulsating’ as such, just the deep rumbles, but she could tell the difference when it wasn’t on. She really enjoyed the sensations, but the next day when she went to use it again she was a bit sensitive, so it may be possible to over-do it.

The climax button is a great touch. When you’re getting really heated (or just ‘by accident’) press the one button and it turns everything up to max power, and it’s pretty intense. I had a lot of fun with that (and I think Mrs Chimp did too).

It’s not too noisy, and sounds well-muffled under our winter duvet. It’s also easy to clean, though we would have liked a storage bag. The battery lasted a pretty decent amount of time, though the higher you have all the motors going the more power it will guzzle.

All in all, a really fun toy, even though it didn’t fit Mrs Chimp perfectly. She still really enjoyed using it, and will definitely use it again.


I would imagine that with the website change that it’s all hands on deck getting all the issues fixed as soon as possible and that reviews might have taken a bump down the priority list for a few days?
I wouldn’t be worried :blush:


I was about to comment the same thing as I had completed a review on Sunday also and it doesn’t appear that it has been approved as yet either.

Same here but I imagine they have lots to sort out with the new website so it will probably take longer than usual. Good to here others have the same experience, at least it means there’s nothing wrong with my review in particular.

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With the website change I can no longer find the ‘leave review’ for the products I received. Has it been moved? I’ve been into my account where it used to be and I can’t seem to find it.

If it’s live on the site you can use the ‘write a review’ button on the product page. If it hasn’t got a page yet (secret tester) then I don’t know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe one for @Lovehoney_Brenna :slightly_smiling_face:

Links for secret testers will be going out soon, they’ll come through as an email :slight_smile:


The review I completed on Sunday was for an item we received as a tester item before Christmas but as the new website was live I searched the item and completed the review that way.

I’m waiting for my review to be published too.

The app and the website are not working quite the same at the moment. The product I reviewed had a “Be the first to leave a review” button on the app but there wasn’t one on the website.

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It’s been over 2 weeks now and my reviews still haven’t been posted. I spoke to my friend and he thinks there were maybe too much but I disagree having read some of the others in comparison. So I wonder, if they were too much would LH tell me to tone it down?

If there was a problem then Lovehoney would have contacted you. I think it is just simply a delay because of the new website switch over. They are sorting out the existing ones before publishing new ones

Thanks. I keep on looking out for them! :thinking:

Has anyone successfully posted reviews recently? Is there any estimate of whether there are still technical issues with the website switch or is it now just a matter of clearing a backlog (and if so what roughly how long is the wait time before posts appear?)

I submitted a review over a month now and it still hasn’t gone up. I’ve emailed a few times to follow up. I’m not too bothered but I would like to know that glitches are unglitched before writing any more reviews.

Are you browsing in private mode? Since the website changes using private mode in my browser prevents reviews from showing below products. Links for posting reviews also disappear. Now I just don’t use private mode when i want to read or post reviews. If need be I can just clear recent browser history after I’ve finished.

Where do I find my mode setting. I’ve checked through my entire account settings and I can’t find it.

The review I’m referring to was posted months before the website change.

It depends on the browser. In the top corner of the browser window there should be icons for dropdown menus (for bookmarks, browsing history etc). If you can see an option for “open new window” or something like that, there’s probably another option for “Open a new private window” or “incognito” or similar. All it really does is mean that any sites you visit via that window don’t show up in your browser history. Anyway, if you don’t knwo what it is you won’t be using it.

Do you remember when the reviews were posted and for which product? I can try and find them! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I remember when I posted mine and it was the 23/01/21. However I’ve just checked now and they’ve been published but I would normally get an email to say that they’re live and I’ve not received any. I’m glad they’re out there now though! :slight_smile: :laughing:

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Oh! I though you were talking about a setting on my LH account.

No I’m not browsing in ‘In Private’ mode.