Nail polish - chit chat

We can talk about all things polish here, that way the replies from the nail photos thread don’t need to be approved first!

@MsSubExperimenter I found learning to do my own gels is much easier than regular polish. With regular polish you need to be quick as it will start to dry and go gloopy if you go over it too many times. With gels you could spend hours getting it perfect and it won’t dry until you cure it!


@Lovehoney_Brenna I’m so useless I struggle to even put the foils on to soak it off to make them stay :woman_facepalming:t2: :rofl:

I dread to think how much mess I’d make!

Yours look awesome :blush:

It’s not a permanent mess until you cure it! I’m too much of a klutz for regular polish :joy:

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Oooh I love painting my wives toenails (and she loves me doing it too) - something harping back to painting models and lead figures as a boy! I’ll see if I can get her to agree to photograph them…doubtful tho.


@PleasureDrone BarryM was my absolute jam when the nail polish addiction first began! It’s such good quality :smiley:


@PleasureDrone I love those! That blue is stunning!

I used to have so many BarryM polishes when I used to paint my own nails! (My technique is basically paint the entire end of my finger then remover on a cotton bud to get rid of the excess :rofl::rofl: there’s a reason I get them done!!)

I’m so excited for my Halloween nails! 24th October can’t come soon enough!

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@MsSubExperimenter - Thank you, love. I know what you mean re. application: the Nail Polish Corrector Pen is my friend! :wink:

I’m a total bargain-hunter when it comes to NP - always rummaging in the clearance bin at TKMaxx. :joy: I’ve only just got over the heart-stopping excitement of discovering the Poundland stuff, and now a friend has told me that Primark are doing some very convincing gel-effect things for a quid a pop. Whooda thunk it? When my next birthday comes up, I might just go mad and treat myself to a full-on salon job, though. Make it my annual treat. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I absolutely love nails so I’m so excited for this thread!
@Lovehoney_Brenna - These are incredible :heart_eyes: Definitely my cup of tea! I love the shape the detailing creates.
@MsSubExperimenter - Those swirls are amazing!! So creative!
@PleasureDrone - So pleased you now feel able to express yourself through your nails… Its a wonderful thing! You have some gorgeous colours there!

I’m getting a new set this week so will post once they’re all fresh! :nail_care:t2:


@PleasureDrone Do it! Treat yourself!

I’m lucky that my nail tech is my friend so if there’s something she wants to try she tends to try it out on me for the same price as my usual set haha because I don’t expect discounts and she knows I’m fairly easy going :heart:

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@Ian_Chimp - There’s a real vintage vibe to that shade. Kind 1950s. Loving it! :slightly_smiling_face:

@MsSubExperimenter - a mate who’s a nail tech. Oooo jammy. :wink:

@For_Your_Eyes_Only_x - Now that’s a really classy shade. Sparkle highlight on the ring finger too - get you! :sunglasses:

@Lovehoney_Brenna - If you have the time, I’d like to ask you a coupla things about gels:

I’ve got quite ridgy/corrugated nails. A lot of glossy nail polishes draw attention to this and I hate it. Does the thickness of gels help to disguise things?

How do you remove them? Is it much of a palaver? I’ve heard some people say “Gels damaged my nails” but I suspect they weren’t removing them properly.

@Sexinthecity - Looking forward to next week! :+1:

I quite fancied joining in. :slightly_smiling_face: I was going to wear it to the shops, but I have done a terrible job of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can layer the gel on thicker so it won’t show ridges as much (if at all, depending on how much you put on), as this is cured by a lamp it is dry instantly so there is no waiting for a big ole mound of liquidy polish to dry.

What I do to remove them is: File the top layer of the polish off (so it is no longer shiny), apply some cuticle oil to my skin to protect it and then pop acetone soaked cotton balls on each nail (then wrap in foil). Leave that on for 15-20 minutes, then the gel should just peel off nice and easy with an orange stick. So moderate palaver I’d say!

Gels personally haven’t damaged my nails, but every person is different. If you are worried, you could always do a patch test or a trial nail to see how it goes?

Thanks, Brenna. Sounds like moderate palaver might just be worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

As someone who is incapable of not smudging regular polish, I found it’s a game changer :smiley:


@PleasureDrone there may also be ridge fillers/builders/bases etc you could look into? I know my friend uses various things but I’m not sure what’s available on the open market rather than to the professionals if that makes sense :blush:

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Hi @PleasureDrone - there’s loads of base coats that are specifically designed to fill the ridges. OPI do a good one but if you just search for “ridge filler nail polish” you’ll get a load of suggestions :blush: I’m not sure if these would be compatible with gels but thought it’s worth mentioning for your regular polish!


Ooooh this is news! Thanks gals! :hugs:

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I love the idea of gel polish but I’m one of those people whose nails just do not get on with it, even the gel effect regular nail polish, they make my nails peel and flake off (like sunburn does to skin). So I’m stuck with regular and trying desperately not to smudge it :sweat_smile:

I found some excellent matt black nail polish at boots the other day and loved it - it looked perfect with wet look lingerie!!


Oooh yay I’m gel nails girl :star_struck:
I did a course to do nails before I had the kids and never did anything once I qualified :woman_facepalming:t2: But I do my own. I’m a tad famous for my shade of blue gels lol x


@Cassii and @Justthe2ofus2007 - you know what I’m going to say, dontcha: it doesn’t exist without pictures! :nail_care: :camera_flash: :framed_picture:

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