Naked in the garden

Just wondering with the nicer weather approaching if any other people have a secluded garden where they can have some naked fun?


Lucky you dljl

Sadly no, I don't even have a balcony...!

Yes love to naked especially outside

Luckily there is a part of our garden that is not over looked and weather permitting love making occurs often

Yes 😊

Our hedge is finally tall enough so the house next door cannot see in, lots of naked sunbathing sex and masturbation to occur outdoors this summer we hope! I love the feeling of the sun and wind on my skin and with a secluded garden can walk around with a boner quite free

Sadly not, I love being naked but as we only have a very small yard at the back of a Victorian Terrace, which has 2 motorbikes and 2 wheelie bins, not going to happen!

I would love a secluded garden with grass and trees to frolic in.

Not secluded but do manage a little nakedness through week when neighbours at work

We only have one house next door so when they are out its great to get naked. Unfortunately doesnt happen very often but we do have fun in the summer house sometimes. The OH doesnt really enjoy being naked either ![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

I love being naked outside. My hubby doesn't enjoy it though. It is sometimes difficult as we are not overlooked but the children in the garden at the back climb the fence and look in.

Unfortunately not an option currently but are planning a house move in next year or so. Will have to keep a secluded garden in mind

Getting a garden soon bit having children and being overlooked is a no no. That said some freinds of ours have an amazing house and garden near a farmers field.The first thing i said to my wife is you could be naked in that garden and no one would see.I think there is something about being naked outside thats ingrained into us. But dont like idea of being seen or exposing myself outside but it i knew no one could see but me and the mrs i think it would be amazing.

yes we both love to be naked in the garden.

Just got back from a villa holiday in portugal were the gardener greated me whilst i was naked standing by the pool.

No! So wish I did though 😭

love to be naked in the garden, love to be out on a summers day in a thunder storm and wash in the rain, or on a hot day just be naked and be hosed down

We are slightly overlooked but have a pop up gazebo and with one side up, we have privacy to do whatever. Playing music can mask any noise, especially “slapping” sounds.

My OH and I did some house sitting for some friends I've known for years. They were away on holiday while we looked after their place.

One morning I got up, put on my dressing gown and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on (as you do). My friends have these wonderful concertina doors to the rear garden which I opened to look out side, I noticed it was raining but it was warm rain. I could tell that the garden wasn't overlooked and ventured out opening my dressing gown as I went, the feelong of the warm rain on my naked body was phenominal, at home unfurtunately we live in a top floor flat without even a balcony and I'm worried I'll fall out the window trying to wave my dick through the opening!

I’ve been topless sun bathing all day today we are over looked but I don’t care :)

Unfortunately my garden is overlooked by my neighbours, so naked bathing and the rest is out of the question :(