Naked too often?

Is it possible to be naked too often? I walk around the house in just underwear, skimpy shorts, or nothing, all the time and my husband doesn't bat an eyelid.
When I'm dressed he tells me I'm sexy on a regular basis, flirts, and teases but when I'm naked he doesn't do any of these things.
Im an attractive woman. Toned body, slim, nice skin, etc (main let down is small boobs but he says that doesn't bother him).
I can't figure out if I'm making it too available or if he just doesn't find me attractive anymore.
Is it possible for a man to get bored of seeing the same thing?

Nudity doesn't have to be sexual. Why are you walking around naked? If its just for comfort then it doesn't matter that he's not paying much attention. If its for attention, you might need to make it more obvious that that's what you're looking for as he might think its just for comfort, and that you enjoy being nude. Whereas if you're dressed up sexily then its fairly obvious its not for comfort!

This is it. I buy new underwear all the time trying to please him but it's like he doesn't even look anymore. I generally get naked when I'm getting ready to relax in the evening. Sit and watch tv etc. that's usually skimpy outfits or underwear then completely naked when we
Go to bed. The other day I had a bath then walked to the sofa nude. I just said "hey" and gave him a wink. He said "why are you walking round naked!" He didn't look impressed.
I was trying to mix it up a bit. Think I should go back to getting naked directly before I want to have sex! Lol

I know a few people who are actually very uncomfortable with nudity (and even just underwear) out of the bedroom, maybe this could be his problem? Really I think you'll have to ask him!

As a man you can never see enough naked women, fact.

Maybe it makes him more conscious of what he says to you...?

BigBikeGuy wrote:

As a man you can never see enough naked women, fact.

Maybe it makes him more conscious of what he says to you...?

As a man I beg to differ...

You can get conditioned and the ordinary doesn't excite. When we were newlywed we would run around the house like Adam and Eve all the time until I realized that it just wasn't affecting me like it used to. Since we switched back to clothes OH discovered she can get me more excited now with a "small" flash of skin than when she was running around butt naked.

We crave what we don't have...

Personally i don't like being naked or people around me being naked unless you need to be, like to shower, or when you're changing. I dislike people being in just their underwear too, unless they heve showered and not used the toilet since. I see clothing as a barrier, someone walking around naked would just make me uncomfortable that they're spreading urine and feces germs wherever they sit, and tiny particles do come out when you pass gas so I'd feel they were contaminating everything. Underwear isn't much better, especially thongs, they cover nothing.

Assuming that isn't his issue, then i think it probably is because it is the "norm" for you to be in skimpy clothes or naked, rather than a sexual invitation. He may just be used to seeing you like that in an everyday situation so he doesn't auto associate it with sex and sexual desire.

I'm always naked ![](upload://rA41UoqYzU9yrgGiJUyzuRc98GV.gif)

Definitely not sexual in any way x

I was like this - if I was in my personal space it was without clothes.
Then I had kids.

Why don't you put some cloths on , not to boring though , but just leave something for the imagination , because I had the same problem , and once they see it ALL the time , it gets less exiting , if you no what I mean :) x

Nudity doesnt always equate to sexiness. In the media we are filled with this common misconception which is a real shame and gives naturists a bad name. (there is also a thread on Nudism going around).

If you go to a genuine naturist event, you will see it is one of the most unsexual atmospheres going - a far cry from 'swinger' style sexual innuendo filled atmosphere that people 'think' about if they havent been to a naturist event themselves.

Personally for me, the lingerie and the dressing up is more sexy than just a naked body, as it makes everything a lot more provocative and sets the scene for a sexiness and eroticism.

I am often naked, especially in the warmer weather, and see no sexual connotations attached to it at all.

I also have a lot of naturist friends who are often naked in casual circumstances at home, and others who arent - who keep their naturism for sunbathing when its warm for example.

Try something revealing but doesn't show him anything he'd want to see like maybe a very short dress.
Or be naked but make it clear what you want. Bend over in front of him with your legs apart too give him a show or if he is sitting straddle him with your boobs in his face. I'm sure he will take the hint then.
B always knows when I'm up for it and I'm always naked.


Thanks for the help everyone. It will be clothing back on unless sex is on the cards then. I'll see how this goes

I don't think the fact you're naked changes it, either way he's used to seeing you naked, do you still gasp everytime he gets out the shower? It's exciting at first because it's new, you've never seen them naked, your relationship is progressing, you're nervous of what comes next but excited. I porpsely still gasp when I see him naked, Altough I've seen it a million times I still find him attractive and make a point of showing p, so he does the same. It doesn't mean he doesn't find you attractive he just doesn't show it as much, but do you?