Name Humiliation

Do you like being used and humiliated and called names such as "whore" and "slut"

My girlfriend loves it when I take control and use her, and she always asks me to call her names. What have you been called/do call each other and is it a turn on?

I fu*kin love it!!

I wish my husband would call me every abusive word everytime ... obviously only in the bedroom - words like `slut, whore, bitch, slag'

The more extreme the better. If i am about to cum,, you can guarantee it will speed up if he uses those words.

Just a shame he rarely uses them, even though he knows I like him to use them on me.

Oh and when I am using a dildo or strap on with him, i call him names too, usually bitch, fucking shit/bastard etc.. he gets off on it also.

its okay sometimes but feels too pretend

It doesnt have to be pretend??

Depends on what you are doing and how you are saying it i guess!

I like calling my boys; whore, slut, cheap tart....but I think my favourite has got to be: desperate crack whore. It can be quite encouraging and a reminder of his place and purpose.

MMMMMM Im enjoying this thread, im picking up tips and well just enjoying it.

Please continue.


Good stuff! We often get a little verbally rough with each other, but hold back a little in case of offending the other. Maybe I'll give it a bit more gusto next time and see where it ends up, hopefully not with a black eye!

The point is, because its only used in the bedroom, its not abusive.

I think my husband struggles with it more than I with him.

Not everyone is going to like it though.


I love it very much, I particularly like verbal humiliation and degradation but I have to be in the right frame of mind. It's GOT to sound genuine too, for me there's no point in it being flirty or funny, she has to look/sound like she means it! Then I'm melting!!

For me I think it goes back to a bad time in my life which I eroticised as a coping mechanism. Now it's a button that I can press to go back to that heady/nervy/panicky feeling which heightens sexuality so very much.

My partner loves it and readily likes calling me his "dirty little slut/whore" when we're doing the deed. Funny, considering he was my first and all but he loves how I'm all his. I get really into it in the moment and it sort of feels really right and appropriate. =P

I don't see it as humiliation- more of a submission really.

It is really fun to get into it! glad to see others get turned on by this! I guess it is submission but you are also being humiliated at the same time by taking it ;)

I love it & so does my partner. He calls me his 'dirty slut/whore' & refers to my genitalia as HIS which makes me so hot. I see the humilation as part of the submissive play & as such I have to call him 'sir'.

Being humiliated verbally is such a turn on for me when dressed en femme and I really don't have any limits as to what people call me.

Whether it be about my sexuality, gender, size (I'm a size 20), or whatever, for some reason the more I'm humiliated the the more it turns me on.

yes i love to shout your my bitch get down on this

and more stronger things too

she loves to call me her naughty boy and i know im in for some extra punishment

I really like it, it turns me on no end, but my OH doesn't like doing it, he thinks he's gonna offend no matter how much I say I want it. Gonna have to keep working on him I suppose :D

I love it! I prefer to be the one on the recieving end of a bit of humiliation, but I'm all for treating someone like a dirty little cum slut if the moment should arise!

Love it, giving and receiving!

i love to call girls names during sex,only if they like it too lol. my ex particularly loved it when i called her an anal slut, filthy cum whore etc. when we first started going out i would send her messages that said, can't wait to see you later you slut, i'm going to shoot my load all over your pretty little face. or something to that effect. it drove her wild. if i'm on the recieveing end i prefer encouragemen as opposed to humiliation. like being called a good boy

As part of a Sub/Dom role play situation ive found the use of degrading filthy names turns the submissive on no end.

I might enjoy this in the heat of the moment if it happened but I wouldn't ask my OH for it. He can do it if he wants but depending on my mood my reaction to it might vary.