Name Tattoo's

My OH got a tattoo of my name in a heart wwith wings its really pretty. The only thing is i feel really bad, what if we split up ect? As well as that he wants me to get his name, but i dont want to. I dont want to upset or offend him either.

What would you guys do?


I wouldn't ether. As I'm sure you love your partner very much you never ever know what the future will hold.

Why not get a matching tattoo instead? That's what I want to do with my partner :) x

I don't like name tattoos unless its of your kids, kids will always be your kids... partners may not always be there. Just say its really nice and suggest matching tattoos or something that or something that represents something :) x

I have thought of matching tattoos before i have a tinkerbell tatto already and he wants peterpan so i was thinking of that lol

I totally agree with the child names as long as i can remeber i have wanted my kids names and i havent even got any yet lol x

I wouldn't do name tattoos of anyone but my possible future children. There are plenty of other couple-tattoo options that can easily be something on their own. Names are just bad bad bad. Especially of you're having doubts. Don't do it.

haha I am not sozzled I repeated myself somehow... humm.

My husband has my initals tattooed on his wedding ring finger but the good thing about that is we have the same initials haha :D x

p.s I like the peterpan/tinkerbell thing, thats cute!

Lol its okay i have only just realised now you have mentioned it haha

If we where married i wouldnt mind as much but we only reently got engaged x

Name tattoos are a huge no for me. My sister got one of her boyfriend after just 3 weeks of being together. It was huge! 10 months later and they split up, she was wandering around with his name blazened across the bottom of her neck/top of shoulders and ended up with an awful cover up.

I have my sons name, thats as far as I'd go, but the idea of matching tattoos is good. My best friend and I want a tatt of the egyptian Horus eye x

ohhh I still wouldn't even though we are married. Freaks me out a bit haha xx

I have my kids but not my wife's name. However I have a symbol of love for my wife.

I am honestly thinking about writing the first letter of my husbands name on my wedding ring finger (his names starts with L) ... if something ever happens I can easily cover it up by adding 'ove' ;)

When we had not been going out long, my partner wanted my name tattooed on him... mostly cause he was just a dumb kid. Thankfully he's changed his mind nowadays... it's a huge NO from me.
I told him flat out I'd prefer if he didn't, I wouldn't judge if he did, but I would NEVER do it myself.
I think honesty is the best policy here.

I could never have anyones name tattooed on me and i'm not even sure i could with my childrens names if im honest as its not my thing, although i really like the idea of matching tattoos.

Just be honest :) x

I hVe hubby's name on my chest above my heart
He hasn't got any tattoos
If we ever split up I'll get a plaster tattooed over it :)

I told him i didnt want to get his name and he just said ah well i want your name on me forever kinda sweet. Not the response i was expecting to be honest x

Sounds like a decent lad. Stick with him :-)

Lol he can have his moments! :)

for me a partners name tattooed anywhere is a no no when you break up three months later you'll really regret it a matching image of special signifigance or having initials worked in to an image with out looking obvious would be preferable to me

we have tattos my oh has my initials but they are the same as our sons plus we have our bears tattos