Naming Vibrators??!!

Ok, so this may sound a little odd to some, does anyone else name their vibrators? I know they all have their manufatured names, but am I the only one who gives them proper names.
My partner thinks it's odd, but its something I have always done, a couple got named after past lovers they don't get used now, and wont unless I become single again, I see nothing wrong in it, just wondered if anyone else does it!!

Only one with a name is my I Rub My Penguin. He gets referred to as Tony the Pengin when I'm talking to my partner.

Sometimes they'll get shortened if we're talking online to each other, and he knows I just got something new--then we'll say something like, "Time to try out Mr. Chrome" or "I think you'll like Rubber Guy". But no real lasting names, and definitely no exes' names.

Guess the other half was right then I must be a little odd LOL.. no I have none named after ex's, just a couple of exceptional lovers and thats because we found dildo's/vibes that were nearly exactly like their real male conterpart, ex's don't get the honour lol.

I tend to name my favourites!
My first one got called Sophia.
Then there's Jessica (Lovehoney Platinum Rabbit) and Bunny (Cutie Rabbit Tickler).
And I'm contemplating naming my Fun Factory G-Twist Lucy.

I find it makes it easier for the boyfriend to get them out for me. I've got a load, and he doesn't know all the proper names, so saying "Can you get me Sophia out?" is a lot easier than asking "Can you get me the pink glittery one? No...not that one, the other pink one!" and so on.

Phew thanks Miss-Nomer... I was starting to think that I was a little odd, can't have these guys thinking that they are right now can we lol.

Haha, well, I am a little bit odd so I'm not sure the fact I do it makes it less odd :P

I think its a fun thing to name your vibes.. I havent named mine owt spesh... I named one a super dooper pink pecker... you see I like names to roll off the tongue ;)

i just call my b aby lol its the easiest to say when you rabout to cum lol crude i know

i find nothing wrong in naming vibs,maybe they should do a competition where you can design and name your own vib. what do you think ?