Naturist acceptable etiquette

So last year we did out first Naturist Hotel - Vera playa club hotel Almeria
(brilliant place, so much so we’re off back this year)

We’ve done loads of beaches, terraced areas etc over the years, and seen a fair bit

However, last year we came across a guy at vera playa that was wearing Cock Jewellery.
As in cock rings, a think that looked a little like a small cage in chrome, and a shed load of piercings.

He was a little older and maybe foreign (hence different social lvls?)

Trying to stay open minded on this one, but aren’t cock rings for sex, as would be a cage thing?

It seemed a little innaproriate, especially with children around, could present some awkward questions lol

Thought this would make a good topic of what is acceptable and what have you folks seen that may raise an eyebrow :wink:

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Never been to a naturist resort, so cannot comment from personal experience, although myself and my OH don’t rule it out at some point in the future.

From what you are describing it sounds very much like a chastity cage, but I would have classified it as a life choice, rather than something overly sexual.

Be interested to hear the thoughts of others on this topic.

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A couple of years ago we visited Cap D Agde, in the south of France. It’s a naturist village.

Quite a few guys were wearing stainless steel cock rings around their cock and balls. My husband wanted one so we went into a shop selling all sorts of fetish stuff. The lady in there was very helpful and measured my man up for one and instructed him how to fit it. ( putting his balls through the ring first and then tucking his cock through). He spent the rest if the holiday proudly wearing it.


I think it very much depends. The swim I used to go to would probably be fine about piercings, iffy about cock rings but absolutely no to cages, because of the risk of exposure to minors.

I tend to frequent nudist beaches here in Canada (yes, we have some)

There sometimes are fetish events at the beach (I know of one that happens once a year) but typically that’s just outfits to the beach involving fishnet or leather or whatever. I don’t think I have ever seen cock cages or rings there even during the fetish beach event


If the address you were in was strictly naturist then I’d be a little more sceptical. However still very open minded as many people do wear it for VERY extended durations, so a brief holiday without it might be a very big thing.

If the area was clothing optional then I’d say have at it, I often consider a cock cage an extra piece of clothing.

As for there being children… If parents are taking their children to nude or clothing optional areas then they had better be happy to discuss anything that the children might happen to see there and so it’s on the parents… Not the patrons to be careful about what might be seen.

Vera playa club hotel is a hotel in Spain thats pretty much naturist, as are the surrounding streets and the beach

The hotel is mainly adults, with the odd kid here and there.

It kinda looked out of place as no one else was doing anything, and in general naturist isn’t connected to anything sexy.

I always thought the purpose of a cock ring was to assist an erection, by preventing blood return.

Never really thought about it as jewellery.

Having a slightly meaty member in public is definitely more appealing than a wigetty grub :joy:

Perhaps this is something to consider for this year?

Hi there,

I think as long as it’s not overtly sexual, then a genital adornment is probably ok. Not too much different to a nipple or genital piercing really, as long as it’s not there to cause obvious arousal. Might be difficult to tell to be fair.

I was at the naturist beach by Malaga airport last week and there was a lone chap there wearing some kind of cock ring similar to what you describe. He was nearer the centre of the beach where there were more lone men, so I guess he was ‘showing himself off’, but he wasn’t being inappropriate. I just walked past him on my way back to my spot to join the wife.

People’s motivation to go to nude beaches vary, and some clearly go to show themselves off. Each to their own I guess !!

Cap D’Agde is not a regular ‘naturist village’. It’s for swingers.

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I disagree. That’s not how naturism works. For some reason, you are confusing it with swinging. The vast majority of naturist venues in Europe are for families, only a few are specifically for swingers. Just because people are naked, it doesn’t mean anything goes.

In answer to the original question: we have been to several naturist resorts in France, Spain and Croatia, plus many clubs in the UK, and we have never seen anything like the ‘jewellery’ described. It is inappropriate for that kind of venue, and would probably not be allowed at most resorts.

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Personally if it was a family friendly location I would suggest cock rings, glans rings and any form of cage inappropriate but call me a prude.

The 1st nudist event I went to a few years back, on leaving there was an overweight guy sat on a bench legs wide open with a very large glans ring on. I just smiled and was amused, not sure what his intentions were.

I did post on a different thread of a conversation I overheard at a nudist place where two older couples had attended a dance the night before and one of the women asked what some bloke had been wearing while dancing, the reply from one of the guys was ‘a cock ring’, then they entered into a conversation about purpose and whether it was appropriate.
I was just trying to have a coffee and read in the morning sun but it was amusing.

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I was deliberately vague when I said this.

If a child sees surgery scars, different shapes, ‘hairstyles’, piercings, tattoos, body mods, pre-op trans, post-op trans, etc. literally anything that a child might see and ask questions.

That is what I meant by any parent taking their child to this area should be ready to answer.

Just because I’m in a naturist area, it doesn’t mean I’ll be removing any intimate jewelry, regardless of it’s size or who is around. The jewelry is for me, not for others


I agree that piercings shouldn’t be removed, the guy in question had a lot around his dick and balls.
Would of been difficult anyhow.

Wouldn’t be a thing for a nipple piercing.

Jewellery around the genital area, studs, dermal piercings, belly button, labia piercing - all personal preference.

We just saw a cock ring as a device used to keep blood in the penis, for the act of Intercourse.

A cock chastity cage isn’t jewellery, it’s a device used perhaps by sub/dom relationship.
I think they were, he had a few tats saying slave now I come to think about it. (was nearly a year ago)

In any case, this isn’t a sex club, it’s naturist, so it’s questionable whether it’s acceptable.

A sml metal ring at the base of a cock is hardly offensive, debatable if its needed, debatable if its jewellery.

Personality I’m on the fence, it didn’t offend us, if anything it was a discussion point for the afternoon.

But as said, it’s a family naturist area, and kids were present.
Probably used to seeing such stuff if they go their regular.

It has to be said, the kids there (Spanish) were liberating to their attitude towards naturism. They didn’t give a fk, and were a good example of the European attitude towards naturism, compared to ours in the UK


I can’t go to my local nudist site (maybe 2 miles down the road) because I have genital piercings. It is clearly stated in their rules so while inconvenient for me I have no issues.

Cock rings and chastity cages have no place in a family orientated location as far as I am concerned, there are other places that cater for that.

The place I go to reasonably regularly (pre-Covid) is family friendly and would not tolerate cages, think there would probably be a quiet word if someone wandered around with a cock ring during the day.

What I find amusing is that once the kids get to teenage years they generally go around in clothes during the day while everyone else is naked but perfectly happy swimming naked (no costumes allowed in the pool).

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You are banned because of a body piercing? That sounds a little too conservative to me.

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Par for the course in most (all?) uk (British Naturism affiliated) naturist clubs.

Not sure I would agree with that.

Think it is generally accepted in most places as long as there is no sexual intent and the individual doesn’t act inappropriately.

I used to go to a (mixed) naked swim and sauna club and nobody mentioned my piercings.

In response to @be3169 , as long as clubs clearly lay out their rules then I don’t see an issue (just very inconvenient for me as I have to travel a lot further).

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It just seems a little judgmental to me for an environment that is supposed to non-judgmental. Full arm tattoos are ok but a simple piercing is not? Fortunately none of my local beaches or clubs are not like that. Come as you are generally speaking.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten it’s 2024 not 1974

Most of society has tatts piercings and other things, by excluding them they’re being rather outdated

Luckily Spanish and Greek beaches aren’t as picky, no wonder people go abroad eh?

Not disagreeing if genital jewellery is in a non-sexual way.
When you enter into people wearing cock rings and large glans rings in a family environment then you are at the point where I (personally) think it is over the tipping point.