Naughty nurses uniform

I have been wanting to dress up in something naughty and sexy for sometime and so I bought a Naughty Nurses Uniform from Lovehoney a few weeks ago. I thought it might be fussy and awkward to put on but actually is extremely easy with a very effective and sexy central zip that does wonders for my cleavage. The length is great too, I have very long legs so a short skirt is extra short on me and this shows just the right amount of stocking and suspender to complete the naughty effect. I thought I might feel silly but I actually felt incredibly sexy and the effect on my lover was just amazing. Always passionate and very horny my transformation into a naughty Florence Nightingale drove him wild, very hard and insatiable. His white coat helped of course! All very lovely. Im now going to try other costumes. Cant wait. What a nice prospect.

Mrs B has one and the garter to go with, totaly sexy. There is 2 pic's on our profile with them.

Mr Badger.

That is sexy

They are great for use in role plays .Guys can't resist them ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Hubby loves my nurse outfit and it is surprisingly comfy !

Hope you have loads more fun :)

ahhhh the classic nurse uniform always a winner

My SO loves it too! I don't have much up top, but I am curvy, so the dress accentuates my curves and the zipper sits just right to highlight my breasts more.

My OH bought a nurses outfit at Erotica years ago. When she came out from behind the curtain wearing it.... instant uncomfortable tightness in my underpants region.

Many years of use, including being caught by the maid during role play on a dirty weekend away in Brighton.

But, it went the way of all things and the PVC perished and started to fall apart. I guess that there are only so many times that it could be stretched to contain her curves.

Certainly, the naughty nurse outfit stimulated both of us but in different ways.

Slightly off topic and not intending to judge in anyway but I've never really got the school girl thing. But there must be a market otherwise LH wouldn't have so many variations.

We both love the nurse uniform. It's a wonderful forplay when she is examining all my body, checking the temp and tells me what I have to do to keep healthy.

We have also tried the school girl, which I love, but she feels a bit uncomfortable wearing it.

Not quite convinced the wife of the nurse uniform.

We have a French maid one that is stunning especially with the white fishnets and black heels.

Not so sure about the schools girl uniform as it not my kinda thing.

I bought my wife a nurse outfit she wore in once and vowed never to wear it again boo hoo.

Iwish wrote:

I bought my wife a nurse outfit she wore in once and vowed never to wear it again boo hoo.

Thats unlucky mate. There are plenty of uses for one in roleplays . Is it the roleplay concept she doesn't like ?

I don't know,she knows I like them but she said she felt silly and swore blind that she would never wear it again.

Couldn't resist it any longer..

just ordered this and this for the wife!

Love playtime. wrote:

Couldn't resist it any longer..

just ordered this and this for the wife!

lucky wife, good choice selection, hope she enjoys them.

I've only worn my nurses uniform for fancy dress parties, I can never get into role play.

Buckled in to the pressure!

Purchased this for the wife...

With all my other recent purchases the OH will be very much in demand!!! Good thing is she's a real life school teacher so has got the next 6 weeks or so still off.