Need a suitable realistic to use on my petite wife...

i recently bought a silicone large dildo, a vixen outlaw 9 inch long, by 2 inch wide, by 6.5 circumference. It was too big for my 5ft 2in petite build wife...we tried to use it, got really excited and warmed up, but as I "mounted" her, wearing my leather harness, carefully pushing the well lubed dildo against her small hole...well it looked fantastic to me, and she was really aroused at the idea of having a massive cock in her, it stretched her very small vagina but started to ease heart was pounding with excitement, unfortunately, she said "ow! it feels like a baseball bat!" We were really dissapointed...especially me, I was gonna love her so good with this...but we ended up, pulling it out and me taking it off, and having straight sex. So, I've looked at the vixen bandit, but at another £65, darent buy it without someone feeding back to me...please help!

Looking at the product description, The Vixen Bandit is 2 inches across, just like the Outlaw. I reckon you should focus on getting the width right because if a dildo is too long, you can work with that by not thrusting so far, but there's not much you can do if it's too thick to get in.

Have you tried using plenty of lube?

My wife was small too but over several months she went from taking a 1.5 inch thick to a 2.8 and now finds a 2.0 just right, and is amazed that only a short time ago she could only take a 1.5 at most, this was done by slowly moving up the thickness over time, time well spent she says as now she is able to take and enjoy the big ones and can take them deeper, was about 5 inches deep now 8 to 9 inches its fantastic to see .

In fact she would choose the 2.0 as her standard warm up dildo now and we both agree that her pussy is more sensitive and flexable and not the cavernous hole most would expect , she feels like a virgin when thats what we want and slut when she wants, best of both worlds .

So the key to a better pussy is work up to it, fun to do and great when you get there .A womans pussy is so adaptable work with it .

Good luck and dont forget dildos are nice but the real thing is best what ever its size .