Need help to find mens G-String as my g/f wants to see them but..

My g/f thinks mens thongs look unattractive on most guys,but she thinks they look pretty sexy on me she would love to see a nice G-string on me,but we both agree we hate most of them the pouch look

We want a G-String that looks like the thong look from the front,any ideas where i can find ones that dont look disgusting

For xmas i bought a thong for me and her but with these ones were a bit different you could have your own message printed on them,she loves the idea of wearing thongs with my name on them,same goes with me ive got her name on mine with a cheeky message

I do love wearing them they feel so comfy

If i wasn't with her i doubt i would every try mens thongs,but we both like it as its a bit different

jezzer- go to they have a good selection of G strings and Thongs.


Johnny but im regular buyer from there and i dont think they have any good g-strings at all more pouches than nice looking ones

Cheers though

I bought a Versace thong in TKMAXX!

Happycamper that would be great but thats a thong,im after a g-string

Ive got a handfull of thongs to me they are very comfortable and it makes me feel quite sexy

I would love to know what a g-string feels like and looks like on me

Few different ones on there. all claim to be string

Thanks crayola

I know they might not be attractive to you but if your man was going to buy some what G-string would you want him to buy


off that site? The marcus G doesn't look too scary (less pouchy) but is still pretty sexy cos of the shine. Or the fishnet one cos they're fun and make it a bit of a laugh while still being passable in the sexy stakes.

Not really a fan mind. But then thats probably cos I date larger guys, and I doubt that thongs look good on (in!) big butts... lol

crayola the marcus G does look ok so thats a buy for me,i had seen the fisnet g-strings before but i wasn't sure,but as you said they could be a fun silly underwear

So again thanks crayola