Need help using my new bullet

hi about a week ago i got the LH silencer 6 function bullet ![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif) but i have no idea how to use it..

i have use it 3 times but dont seem to orgasm ( i never have orgasm so i dont know what its like)

i put the bullet on my clit and i do get a good sensetion and sometime it feels like i need to wee ![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif) but after a a couple of secords the bullets move of the clit and i trying but nothing make me orgasm am i using the bullet wroung ![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

If you're getting good sensations and getting the 'need a wee' sensation then you're doing it right, remember not to put too much pressure on yourself and just relax and enjoy the sensations. It'll come eventually :)

I'd suggest charging up your bullet again to make sure it's at full power then find a time when you can really take your time. Experiment with the way you move the bullet; rub it in circles over your clit, rub up and down, vary your pressure and tempo, vary where you place it (from directly on the clit to everywhere around your clitoral hood and even further down your vulva-often directly on the clit isn't what works best with vibrators even though it seems like the obvious choice!). When you get those good sensations, keep doing what you're doing and relax. If you have emptied your bladder before playtime you're not going to wee, a building orgasm has a similar feeling but you learn to tell the difference eventually. If you're really worried this will happen put a towel down, or play in the bathroom (remember your bullet is waterproof!). Most important thing is to relax, you're not likely to orgasm if you're worrying or putting yourself under pressure. Just have fun and keep experimenting!

I agree with what lovebirds said about taking time to find out what works best for you. I think all women who have used bullets for a while know what to do for them but it varies person to person so what works for one might not work for another.

one thing i would recomend is using a good lube, as sometimes even a gentle bullet can leave you feeling sore after a while!

Personally im not a lover of bullets as i find them too buzzy. I have the rocks off rechargable and managed to orgasm with that (plus another toy internally) but i tend to find stronger, more rumbly vibrations are better rather than pinpoint weaker ones.

Have you thought about using a balm? I have one of the cooling ones and i find it makes everything more sensitive and leaves you feeling tingly so it really helps!

Dont put too much pressure.

Balm..or orgasm gel

abit of your fave porn

and tease your clit instead of holding it :)

Hope this helps :) It takes time to earn how to get it :) xx

First off you need to stop putting pressure on yourself to orgasm that can make it harder secondly being turned on and in the mood to masturbate will make it easier to achieve thirdly pee before you use your toy, fourth lube will help a lot being bone dry can make things very uncomfortable even painful, using an orgasm booster like Bombshell balm may help

I have the Silencer bullet it has a good decent rumble to it i find i need it ramped up to the max if i'm going to orgasm and i will stroke it, swirl it, and hold it on my clitoris do what ever it takes to get the job done always re-lubing as i start to dry up

You should try using different techniques vibration speeds and patterns in the bullet if you have peed before using it and are getting the sensation that is a good sign your on the road to an orgasm if the bullet still does nothing for you send it back try something else not all toys suit everyone

some reat advice here, not much I can add to this thread, other than I only masterbate and use toys when I'm horny, otherwise I end up trying to orgasm for ages and I end up frustrated, so make sure you're in the mood x

Have you tried penetrative toys? I know girls I've been with get a great deal out of being filled up as well? I know I'm a bloke but it's my best suggestion.x

Relax and only reach for your toys if you are feeling horny not just because your bored.

do you have any jiggle balls, maybe wearing them while your doing something else like shopping or housework might get you in the mood. I find they get me very wet and moderately turned on.

Have you tried putting your bullet on your nipples? It's a turn on for me.

I can't orgasm with just clit stimulation generally (I have managed in once it twice) I usually use a glass dildo alongside my bullet. Solo orgasms are not easy for all people, I can orgasm at the drop of a hat with my OH but alone it's much more labour intensive. My solo orgasms are also not as powerful, but even after years I think I'm just lacking the right toy. I'm enjoying tring to find the perfect toy!

listen to your body, if your horney when you wake up make the most of the feeling but not if you have to be up for work in half an hour. Plenty of time a little experimentation and relax, it will all just come naturally when you get it right for you.