need help, what should i do after i tie him up?

I'm usually the sub but my b/f wants me to tie him up(down), and I'm ok with that I just don't know what to do after hes tied. so any help I can get is great, as disriptive as possible please. thanks in advance.

When you have him where you want him, start with some gentale kissing...from the chest all the way down but stop short of his man hood.. this will drive him crazy...after a couple of times teasing him then you can give him a bit of oral attention......... OK I will leave it there for someone else to pick up :P

thanks for the help i will try that. :)

gently start kissing from one ankle and move up his leg kiss around the lower stomach area and back down the other leg. then move back up his leg again kissing gently when at the top of his leg move over 2 the other leg but give his manhood a gently blow of air and / or if you have long hair just brush it softly and slowly over his manhood. do this procedure 4 or 5 times he will be screaming and aching with pleasure. blindfold him thats good and dareing /nervous / and exciting. if????? if you do oral??? do it with some ice-cubes.if he has or whant's anal with you ??now's the time to play with and around with his anal. trust me your B/F will be dribbling better than george best.

Wow you people are so gentle!!! :-D

Ok... Blindfold and sensuous food play is 1 idea - loats of squishy yummy things - can even feed him mouth to mouth ;-)

Idea 2, one of my faves is once he's tied up is to grab his hair and tell him in my 'nasty voice' that I'm going to use his as my human dildo and take waht I want from him - then be completely selfish and do as you said. Warn him not to cum until you say he can. If he dares then riding his over sensitive limpy tends to deter him from daring such again ;-)

3 - once tied up gently tease him into a frenzy then turn away, and get out a dildo and masturbate in front of him - make him beg you to ride him

4 - torture, a little bit of pain never hurt anyone and there are some fab little beginers whips out there - gentle enough not to do any damage.

5 - Tie him tight and tickle him until he cries - heh heh, not really, it's just my evil little mind ;-)

i like your evil little mind miss kitty my bloke is up for fun but he tends to dominate me but i like to be dominant to i love both rolls but a little advive on restraining be for he realises would be great

thanks so much for the help everyone, i'm sure he's gonna love it:) as i'm sure i will as well, again thanks! ;)

oh oh i have to follow Miss Kittys line of thought *evil chuckle*

how bout a slither of raw ginger sliped into his anus

was that too dark *polishes halo*

ooh keep polishing lol x

omg ouch on his but... do u mean to punish him lmao.... i'm way to kind for that.. but it is deliciously evil... licks lips hehe

im always the sub one so i no what i like, so i would have to say spanking is a really good thing to do, or just teasing with sex, perhaps play with some ice or hot wax or even have a little tickle it all works for me lol

i would dress as a nurse then tie him up,first i would take his temperature by sucking his,you know what,then i would sit on his face and tell him,time for your med,while i was sitting on his face i would slip my finger,s into,you not what,and tease him in everyway i could,you could be a teacher,nun,secterary sitting on a chair with your legs apart so he can see that pussy of your,s and then start to play with yourself and talk dirty,ROLE PLAY!LOVE IT.

Teasing is usually the best way to start.

i have to agree with miss kittys point of making him beg for you and telling him he's not allowed to cum until you let him :D theyre so much fun!! although tickling him til he cries does sound fun teehee, not so sexy though :D

i agree happycamper! ever need sex tips....shes ya women!

Why Thank you happycamper ;-)

My husband still asks for permission before allowing himself release! :-D even if he isn't tied up... mwhahahaha

Also additional thoughts for a beginner - wax = yummy but make sure it is soy wax for gentleness (lovehoney do a superb massage candle) or parafin wax. The higher you drop the wax from the cooler it will be when it hits flesh - so start high and work lower to find the right 'gasp point'

You could try the old clothes pegs on the nipples and see how it goes before investing in clamps... if he is cheeky just twist the clamps... or gag him... hmmm or both :-D

PS... ginger up the anus? You meany trollstar! Well at least it wasn't a slither of cinamon stick down the japs eye - stings beyond measure before it disolves I'm told! Not for the faint of heart

Hee Kittys corner...

The funnest thing to do is tie him up, sit on his face for a bit, lean over like you're going to 69 him... then roll off, leave the room and make him wait five minutes before you go back.

Although, you have to be sure to do something good to him when you come back in, or he'll get pissy lol. I recommend playing with yourself while sat on his chest. My bloke forgives me anything if I do that lol. Or the blow job to end all blow jobs. Also if you do that, then you get to play with you/ him until he's juiced up again.

Loving the idea of not letting him cum. Made mine beg before I'd shag him sensless, but not told him he can't cum yet... *heads off to find her handcuffs*

Derinintely the not letting him cum thing is an amazing turn on. He will beg more than he as ever done if you try to keep him on the edge.

What normally pushes me over is the when she threatens to force feed it to me if I cum before she wants me too. Of course you can engineer things so this always happens! Then make him lick it off your fingers before you let him go.

You could also initiate your partner being tied & bound face down... This way you can put fabric (scarf, ribbon, rope etc) under his neck & chin so each time you pull back his head will be lifted...sorta like a harness but less severe. Nipple clamps work well too or reaching under with your fingertips to play with his nipples whilst you're straddling him. You have perfect access to play & tease his anus & can reach between is legs to play with his cock. I usually lie on top of my partner's back, whispering in his ear (with the occassional nibble) telling him exactly what I'm going to do (or might do, if he behaves himself). Because his sight is restricted, you must tell your partner what you're doing, the cheekier the better! so he can picture it in his mind. If you're teasing & touching yourself do so whilst straddling him, playing with his ass at the same time. Let him lick your fingers so he can rely on his other senses to know exactly what's happening. Spanking is perfect whilst he's bound as he can't go anywhere if he's tied at both wrists & ankles.

Id have to say as a Guy id love to be teased, my GF does this thing called stroke 20 where she does a single lubed up stroke of me at a time then usually plays with herself then does it again. By The 20th stroke your cocks ready to explode