Need something bigger...

All of my toys are like me - small and perfectly formed - but I'm suddenly contemplating something with a bit more insertable length. I've lusted after a glass toy for so long now, but reading other forum members opinions I think a suction cup cildo would be loads of fun. I don't really expect to get much advice about this, because obviously the toys are so different, and good for different experiences.

So what I'm really asking is - Should I just buy both while the sale is still on and forget about my bank balance?

I say if you can do it without completely skinting yourself go for it!!

Glass toys are amazing!!

I wouldn't be skinting myself completely, but I've been buying lots of new stuff recently. It's all LH's fault with their delicious sales!

Tell me about it! We bought some stuff the other week when it started and im gutted cos I'm completely skint now and there's some things in the sale that are being discontinued which I won't be able to get!

Plus the dotw is one I'm after too!

I'd say if you're not skinting yourself then get them while they're on offer, otherwise you'll end up getting them at a later date at full price or regretting it if they get discontinued xx

I know, I'd hate to miss out on the sale. I bought my Tracey Cox rabbit and then it was half price a few weeks later. Grrrrrr!!!

You've almost convinced me to go for it. But then I have to stop. Really. That's it.

Which glass you are you looking at. Can highly recommend the glass dildos.

This one was already on my wishlist -

But there are some others in sale. This is a bargain -

Hmm, they both look really good, you may just have to splash out :)

I don't own those one's have got the textured double ended dildo and that good so think the smooth one will be good as well and lovehoney range of glass toys are always good quality.

Thanks for replying. The textured one looks lovely, but it's not in the sale. :(

I've never made my mind up on the smooth one with owning the textured one.

I have this one (amongst many other glass toys) and it's great! If I were you, I'd go for both glass and silicone. I have no willpower to stop myself buying from here when awsome deals come along... LOL!

era - you tipped the scale! It's too good an offer to pass up.

Glass is great but consider it doesnt flex so if you are getting a bigger glass toy it wont have much give (pbviously) but yeah maybe get a glass toy in the size your used to first then get a siliicone bigger toy just so you know silicone has give so even if it is a big too large it isnt as extreme as glass if you get what i mean?

The Tracy Cox double set is useful if it's your first time with glass dildos, the smaller glass one is 3.75 in circumference which is nice and easy to handle...

I got them in a sale and never regretted it... :)

I love glass, I really enjoy temperature play, and I would recomend this it's in the sale but it is great. The small end is very good but the larger end will take some working up to.

i don't have any suction cup dildos so can't comment on these, sorry. Don't forget the sale ends at midnight! And add the deal of the week if your getting both its free.

Glass is very very good! I love it as long as you get the right one to suit your body because its not very forgiving but then lovehoney have great returns

However i would go for the suction cup dildo just because of the fuller feeling you get from it :)

Thanks for the input everyone. I decided to get both a suction cup and the double ended glass. Will report back when I get them.

Fun Louise - I forgot the deal of the week. :( I hope it wasn't something good. :(

My OH hand exactly the same desire she wanted to feel full and stretched.

We bought this and she found it filled all her desires and I enjoyed using it on her.

Very belated thanks to all who convced me to get both. The suction cup is fun for bathtime, but OH MY! the glass is now my new favourite toy by a mile.....several miles!

I thank you from the bottom of my g-spot. It took me a while to post this and write my review because I was having so much fun :)