Needing advice ( Testicular Pain)

not sure if it’s the right place to ask, been seeing the Doc about a pain in my testicles had a course of antibiotics and to be fair it’s getting worse, now waiting to get a letter for an ultrasound.
anyone able to share a few tips on support/anything because after 3 weeks it’s driving me nuts.

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Sorry I can’t help apart from the obvious, try wearing something supportive (I love a pair of budgie smugglers).
Hope you get the letter soon. Feel better!

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Many years ago I had a similar issue, the only way you will know for certain as to what is causing the issue is by having the sound. That will reveal all, it is extremely difficult to diagnose by just touch and symptoms given.

I would imagine yourself and your Dr have checked for any abnormalities lumps ect. I would hope so anyway.

Most cases Testicular pain results in non life threatening issues, there are many reasons as to why a testicle can cause pain.

It is quite right that you are concerned, all I will say is wait for the result of the scan as that should give you an explanation as to why you are experiencing pain.

I would think by now that having seen your GP if anything he/she found that raised suspicions they would have fast tracked you.


cheers for the reply @Mrs.John @DanceswithPenguins
no lumps or bumps
might need to have a look for a jockstrap or something, looking at a few either no reviews or hellish on the skin

Get back in touch with the Dr , mate .
Hopefully, it’s nowt serious, but you need expert advice .
It’s not worth taking a risk


just waiting on a letter for an ultrasound, trying a cold compress to see if it will ease off (well a frozen baked potato in a tea towel :laughing:)

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I had a testicular tortion when i was a teenager, it can be very serious if not treated quickly and requires an operation. Keep an eye on it, if the testicle swells go immediately to A&E.


Sorry to hear of your pain. I had a similar thing in my early 20’s. Doc and specialist diagnosed it as an innocent cyst but it did cause intermittent pain for a few months. I think the biggest thing for me was thinking it’ll be there for life (the pain) but after a few months it went and I’ve been pain free for something like 12 years.

Please follow all medical advice though. Good luck and take care.

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Sorry to hear of your suffering , I would suggest contacting your doc again
and explain that the pain is getting worse.

Hi @a_wol, I had something similar recently, 3 days of very unpleasant pain. Thankfully it resolved itself, but it led to me Google it. I’m not a doctor, but if it was an infection, the antibiotics should have sorted it, though you might need another course.

What I think is more likely is that your testicle has become twisted slightly, if this is the case I’d see the doc sooner rather than later as it can damage the testicle if left untreated.

From what I hear it’s not the longest or worst procedure, they make a small cut in your ball sack, untwist the tube and stitch you up again… presumably with local anesthetic.

I had a general anaesthetic and was on for two days.

Hopefully the ultrasound appointment will come through quickly. If the doctor was concerned about it being a cancer you would be on a 2 week hospitals would see you within that time. Good luck and I hope things get resolved quick.

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@a_wol hi mate, first of all you’ve done the right thing by getting in touch with your GP, I’m sure that it won’t be anything sinister if the doctor has checked for any lumps or bumps and has found nothing, you should gets some answers after your ultrasound so for now don’t worry too much, wait until you have a definitive answer. of course I’m not a doctor but it sounds to me like it could be a varicocele or a hydrocele…

I started with some testicle pain in the back end of last year and I went through the same procedures of GP checks, bloods, ultrasound etc and for me it turned out that I have a varicocele (enlarged vein within the scrotum, which heats up the testicles and that’s what causes the painful, constant aching feeling) and I have pretty much had testicle discomfort ever since, if you learn this is a similar case to you then it becomes something you have to just learn to live with depending on the severity of the varicocele, some days I don’t feel it at all and forget all about it and some days it can feel very mild to pretty worrying, but it is totally harmless and un-lifethreatening. There are measures to be taken to minimise the pain/discomfort and here are a few of them that have worked for me:

Try and avoid standing/sitting for long periods of time.
Improve diet to a more balanced whole food one if possible.
Regular exercise is a big one to improve your lower body circulation (especially after the year of lockdown and no movement last year).
Wear tight fighting underwear to hold your balls firmly in place.
Try to avoid sleeping naked if you do (this was a big one for me as sleeping naked is the most comfortable, but not making things worse is more important).
Add a cold compress like you said.

I really panicked in the beginning and it drove me crazy but now after doing my research and gaining some understanding I am fine with it, of course we are all different and this means nothing at the moment although this sounds similar to me so I hope this helps and I hope you get it sorted asap pal.

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I will add that when i had the testicular tortion i went straight to the gp, and was given antibiotics. After a weekend of agony i went back on the Monday, saw another doc who knew exactly what it was, and I was on the operating table for emergency surgery by lunchtime. I was lucky not to lose it. So if the pain continues go back.


Hmm have you checked in the shower if can feel any lumps?
Sometimes men can get blocked tubes in their testicles or another possibility is twisted testicles which is more common than people realise.

I’d try massaging them if you can and wear briefs :briefs: not boxers.

Is there anything you remember doing with them before all this pain started?

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cheers again have been in a bit of a panic got out of A&E this morning around 6 am finally been able to get a few hours of sleep, pain is just been ramping up more when I try to sleep. been given co-codamol but it really knocks me for six.

I hope A & E put your mind at rest and gave you sufficient pain relief. Did they do ultrasound? Hopefully they have given you an idea of what is going off? @a_wol

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Damn man, I feel you with that. Its totally understandable to panic when the pain comes from out of the blue and sticks around! You’ll just have to play the waiting game now, any reassurance from A&E?
If it’s any consolation just know that you’re not alone with it, and I’d be more than happy to chat with you if you’re worried and I’m sure anybody else on here would too. When is your ultrasound if you don’t mind me asking?

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@steve19 @SCSJ69 doctors were unable to find anything, blood and urine came back fine, didn’t get an ultrasound this morning currently on the waiting list, radiology couldn’t give me an idea of when. the co-codamol’s helped on the phone before going into a&e pain was at an 8 during the day its been around 4/5 :pensive:

Like many have said here, we understand the pain your experiencing. I’ve had two bouts of similar pain where it started as a light throbbing and escalated to the point I went to the GP and resulted in ultrasounds. Both came back clear.

I’m pretty sure now that both times it was a cyst (apparently pretty normal) that was just a bit inflamed. I suspect agitated by sports or “other” activities!

As others have suggested, I found good support, loose out clothing and cold compress (sat on an ice block!) all helped. It all calmed down in about a week. Oh and take the painkillers.

Even if the pain subsides I’d recommend keeping the ultrasound appointment just for reassurance.

I hope that it calms down for you asap and you get some rest from it.