new couple here

Evening everyone hope we are all well. just thought wed give a quick hello

My husband and i have just signed up to lovehoney just looking through whats on offer

any tips x

Hi and welcome to the forum. There's always offers on, what do you both enjoy.

Hi, welcome to the community x

thank you x

well it depends we only really started to explore this side of our personalities

so we both just looking at clothing for the pair of us

as your profile name says we too are looking at items on here to spice things up

i would recomend the monogamy game though

thank you P.P. x

We like shopping together on here, beats the weekly supermarket run. We started by getting a cock ring, stroker and a bullet. However be aware Lovehoney can become addictive and we now a large variety of items.
Lovehoney have a fantastic 365 no questions asked returns policy, so you can't go wrong. Enjoy shopping.

i can see why theres so many things to choose from lol

thank you both x

hi and wellcome

Hey hi there, and a warm welcome :)

Hi and welcome to the forum

Hey, welcome to the forums :)

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Hi and welcome :)

Hello and welcome :)

Hi and Welcome!

Hi welcome to the forums.

Hi I am new here too hope we both have some fun 😊

Hello and welcome to the forum! My tip would be to spend as much time browsing through the threads here as the actual sales pages. The advice on here is really good =) Good luck!

Hello, and welcome to the forums :) x

Hi and welcome from another lh couple hope you find what you want and enjoy xx